ZEROBASEONE Dishes On Their First Mini Album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE,” What Does Youth Mean, And More

“Boys Planet” group ZEROBASEONE posed together for Singles magazine!

Singles magazine teamed up with ZEROBASEONE, who released their first mini album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” on July 10th, for an amazing photo shoot! After the photo shoot, the members sat down and dished on various topics including their album, what “youth” means to them, and other fun trivia facts about themselves.

To begin, group leader Sung Han Bin shared his thoughts on what makes a good leader. He said, “A leader who is good at communicating. Being a leader is very different from fulfilling your role as a team member. Everyone has different standards for what constitutes good communication and intelligence. I think a lot to make a wise decision. What I’m thankful for is that the members are patiently waiting for me, so that I can work harder in my own way.”

Earlier this month, ZEROBASEONE released their first mini album “YOUTH IN THE SHADE” along with the music video for the title track “In Bloom.” When asked about what “youth” means to him, Ricky replied, “The whole process of me starting training. [as a trainee] with a dream to make my debut as an idol, participate in ‘Boys Planet,’ overcome adversity with my friends, and debut as ZEROBASEONE. Even this moment in time is also youth.”

Zhang Hao cooked on his favorite television shows that he enjoyed recently. He said, “I got hooked on Korean variety shows. In particular, I like ‘Earth Arcade’ and ‘Amazing Saturday.’ I do image training by imagining how I will look when I appear on a variety show in the future. Zhang Hao added that he is confident in playing games that require a good memory. He shared, “I have a good memory. I’ve also been listening to a lot of songs and watching a lot of stage performances because I’ve loved K-pop for a long time. That’s why I’m confident [playing games such as] guess the title of the song or dance to the music.”

Kim Gyu Vin spoke about the one most important thing he never wants to forget as an actor. He explained, “’D1, Be the ONE! Hello, we are ZEROBASEONE!’ greetings from our team. Here, ‘D1’ is not ‘D-1’ but ‘D+1.’ We decided this with hope that our feelings on the first day [of our debut] to be continued. Appreciating my forethought may begin with fulfilling the promises I made to myself in a small way. Whether it’s practicing or exercising, there are days when I don’t want to do it because it’s annoying and difficult, but I’ll try to minimize those days.”

Kim Ji Woong, the oldest member of ZEROBASEONE shared, “From the members’ point of view, there must be a side of me that they want to see and learn because I’m just older than them, so I always try to act responsibly. I try my best to make them think, ‘I want to be seen like Ji Woong,’ when the members become hyung or a senior to someone else later.”

Kim Tae Rae dished on the last time that he cried, saying, “The time I did an interview while looking at the sunset on Jeju Island while filming ‘CAMP ZEROBASEONE.’ Seok Matthew stands behind the camera, and it looks like the ending scene in a teen film. At that moment my tears suddenly flowed. I don’t really know why, that’s why I feel like I’m a ‘feeling’ (referring to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) type of person.”

Before debuting as an idol, Han Yu Jin participated in many sports including basketball, soccer, swimming, speed skating, and taekwondo, which he did for seven years. He shared, “I’m the worst [soccer] player in the elite class. However, my father’s words, ‘You started playing soccer later than other kids, so how can you match them with so much effort?’ set me on fire. Since then, I’ve been playing soccer all day because I want to prove to myself that I can do it too.” With his persistence and effort, Han Yu Jin eventually became the best player on the team.

Park Gun Wook was praised for his fitness. Regarding this, he remarked, “I think it’s mostly thanks to my genetic bone structure. It’s also easier for me to build up muscles.” Park Gun Wook also added that he hopes to become very popular while on stage because many fans and staff helped ZEROBASEONE to become very popular.

Last but not least, Seok Matthew dished on what gives him strength since moving to Korea. He shared, “My grandmother is in Korea, so just being together sometimes is a relief. I also discovered new charms of Korean food. My grandmother’s soup is really good. Especially the soybean paste stew!”

Check out the unit and group photos below!

The full pictorial and interview is available in the August issue of Singles magazine.

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