YOURSAY | Muhyiddin, don’t drag your father on the Felda issue

YOURSAY | ‘You lost the plot, it’s a schoolboy tactic.’

Felda debt issue: My ‘tok guru’ father taught me not to lie – Muhyiddin

OCT: Your father taught you not to lie. This is good advice from your father. However, that advice doesn’t seem to have entered your mind. There is no need to bring your father into this argument because we all had a father at one time and our fathers also taught us better morals.

You seem to be losing your mind, so you drag your father into the matter. These are schoolboy tactics. When a child does not win, he enlists his father or mother in the hope that they will help him.

grow up like a man, United president Muhyiddin Yassin, and fight like a gentleman too. In a court, you need to present your points with facts, evidence, and proof. Your father’s advice carries no weight in court.

In the meantime, why don’t you tell us about your grandparents’ advice to you? It would be interesting to know what everyone advises you.

FreeThinker: Muhyiddin (on top) clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Funds were raised and guaranteed by the government to repay Felda’s debt. Felda does not have to pay this and the government promises to disburse about RM1 billion annually until the bond matures. The bond owner is paid a coupon and the government will understand that it must also be paid.

Since Felda no longer carries debt and the future payment is with the government, the debt is technically forgiven as a bond or Sukuk (Syaria-compliant bonds) are guaranteed by the government.

By raising the Sukuk, the government does not need to release all the money to pay off Felda’s debt immediately. Even if the debtor is the government, the debt is on the books of the Ministry of Finance and cannot be written off just like that.

Often, some companies do not have the ability to build but need government guarantees to get loans. When it is guaranteed by the government, the obligation to pay falls in the hands of the government.

It is not as simple as issuing a letter to Felda saying that its debts have been waived.

Justice4All: This is a good lesson learned from Muhyiddin, who was also a former prime minister. In the future, when faced with such harshness, we must further improve and tighten the conditions (due to the development over time and advancement over the years) of this nature.

Muhyiddin, you are expected to be the most composed, well-learned person, having a good advisor, a good pair of ears, eyes, a good mind, and a mouth. So, your understanding of giving a ‘waiver of debts’ is just by a stroke of the pen.

The remaining amount is expected to disappear but the amount is still reflected in the book of accounts.

This is just a political and nice statement without completing the work in the accounting books. For such a statement to be fully valid, the following actions must be taken, with proper justification, and recorded in a proper manner according to Malaysian Accounting Standards.

This includes a full meeting to discuss the matter, the decision must be justified and voted on by all and recorded. Further, a resolution must be tabled and passed accordingly. The accounting books must still show the debts or it would be an illegal removal from the accounting books. It is a punishable offence.

Please let the court decide who is right and who is wrong. There’s no point in having a pendulum effect/action, where it’s always, “You Said, I Said.”

Kilimanjaro: If you’re that honest, tell us what happened to Kelly’s money? If you are that honest, tell us about loss by Pastor Raymond Koh and others. If you are so honest and since you mentioned the name of your Tok Guru, tell us the truth, why did you declare an emergency during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Muhyiddin, after all, it would be too far to expect truth from you but try to be true to yourself. By the way, when you go to court, don’t mention your Tok Guru’s name – I don’t think that will work in the courts.

NewMalaysiaBeliever: The long and short of it, RM8.3 billion is owed by the settlers to the Felda organization. Felda, with a huge deficit, could not operate. Muhyiddin may have verbally agreed to write off the debt, but someone still needs to reimburse Felda for it to operate.

This is what Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim did. So Muhyiddin, 100 points for intent to help but a big fat zero (0) for reimbursing Felda the organization the funds for them to be able to write off the debt to the settlers. Anwar, you win!

Doctor: Muhyiddin was caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If he apologizes; he will look like a liar, then he will have to endure the loss of dignity. Not to mention that with state elections looming; Muhyiddin being branded a liar will not go down well, especially with the Felda folk electorate.

If he stands up, he will be slapped with a defamation suit from Anwar and will have to go to court. I guess he can wait for a court date and by that time, the people would have forgotten about this Felda issue and he will apologize to Anwar discreetly and get the suit cancelled.

Darwin Fernandez: You think that we are fools living in this country, you also think that only your parents taught you not to lie. Your words or speech are just lip service. The whole country witnessed how you seized the opportunity during the lockdown and how you used it to benefit yourself. Now, you’re talking about integrity.

I believe your parents taught you (don’t lie) but it’s sad that you didn’t live up to what your parents taught you. Stop bringing your parents into the matter, leave them where they are. The only people who will believe you are your party and your supporters.

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