YOURSAY | Muda and PSM may benefit from protest votes

YOURSAY | ‘Vote for who you think best represents your ideals.’


Apanama returns: In these six upcoming state elections, there is a high possibility of protest votes among the electorate for various reasons. It also includes party members, especially Umno.

When it comes to protest votes, voters have two options. One is Perikatan Nasional (Bersatu and PAS) and the other is Muda-PSM. Those who fear PAS will vote for Muda-PSM.

The protest votes were against the current federal government.

Therefore, there are no split votes here because we don’t know how many people will send their protest votes.

Some of the reasons I have gathered so far are:

1. Dissatisfaction with Umno’s cooperation with Anwar and DAP.

2. Very slow government reforms. For now, talk, talk, and talk.

3. Unable to solve economic issues, especially cost of living, cartels, etc.

4. Allocations and grants are given only to a community, seeing it as vote buying.

The non-Malays began to feel that they were being neglected. Of course, the government will deny it and do different spins and twists.

For those who plan not to vote, you can still complain because you are still Malaysian citizens. Whether one wants to vote or not is your democratic right.

Complaining is the right of every citizen in this country whether you are a voter or not; regardless of whether you vote or not.

Man on Silver Mountain: Politically, young Muda president Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is on a learning curve, but he needs to define himself.

Who is he? People want to know. That is the political reality. Everything may look good on paper. The truth, however, is another matter altogether.

Those tough veteran politicians, people already know them, for good or for bad.

PSM has good reasons but cannot be accepted. The race thing is too strong to overcome. People will always look at you through a racial lens. You are not one of them; this is a big loss.

That is why the practical need to combine a larger established party coalition. You need them, maybe more than they need you. You, therefore, need to be down to earth in your requests.

Find something in the middle ground that benefits both sides, it’s likely to work out.

Milshah: I think it is a good strategy for Muda to tie up with PSM. But will Muda-PSM win any seats? It depends on how many Harapan supporters give them a chance.

Both Muda and PSM will target urban seats, which are in direct opposition to PKR and DAP.

I think Muda knew it had reached the point of no return. I don’t think Harapan will accept them because they now see Muda as a competitor.

Some Harapan supporters are tired of Harapan aligning with Umno, and have long forgotten ‘reformasi’. So Muda needs to show Harapan supporters why Muda-PSM can be a third force.

By the way, despite Malaysiakini Columnist S Thayaparan’s support for Muda-PSM, this alliance has no effect on the PN. Only the front will be affected.

Coward: incumbent City of Orchids The assemblyperson Mohd Najwan Halimi acted like that because he was not a gentleman and mocking the opposition was the only thing he knew what to do and he let him out.

It’s the same instinct we all have, but we learn to keep it hidden because it’s rude to say it.

I agree with Thayaparan that the support base of PSM candidates is strong, as evidenced by their fundraising for the deposit despite the near certainty that they will lose.

Having Thayaparan’s endorsement says a lot to me. Muda is good if their supporter base is as solid as PSM.

Optimus: I am fed up with the major political parties playing with bombastic terms and the politics of race and religion.

Can’t argue about PSM’s noble agenda for the people who are so admired, but how to make a change if they don’t win the election?

A vote for a party that, at best, can only win a few seats with luck, can be a waste of votes, no matter how well-intentioned.

BluePanther4725: Voting for PSM or Muda will only split the votes and benefit PN. This is not a wise choice. However, voting for PSM or Muda if the candidate is from BN/Umno is a wise choice.

PSM and Muda would make better Harapan partners than BN/Umno because Harapan, PSM and Muda all share the same multiracial vision for Malaysia.

Majority: At least PSM has a track record to show that they go on the ground and help people. So far, what does Muda claim? Are they grassroots parties like PSM?

All they have done so far is go on social media and give radio interviews.

rainbow5: Why are people worried about split votes? Vote for who you think best represents your ideals. This is democracy after all.

We need to be braver. I’ll go with PSM and Muda any day, compared to Harapan or PN. If I only choose Harapan and PN, my lesser evil choice is Harapan.

SmallGov: I think Malaysians should stop kidding ourselves and expecting things to change immediately just because we vote for a political party.

The truth is that every political party, be it Umno, PAS, DAP, PKR, MCA, MIC, or PSM all have the same policy – vote for us and we will solve all your problems.

We know they can’t do it the way we want, but we’re like habitual lottery buyers who keep buying the same numbers.

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