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YOURSAY | ‘Please do not interpret the gravity of the offense by one or two Rs.’

KJ: Sanusi was quickly charged with one ‘R’, Guan Eng was accused of violating two

RedCobra1259: Khairy Jamaluddin, surprisingly you can assume that two Rs (race and religion) deserve more attention than one R (royalty). That is not how the law defines the severity of an offense. There are several factors that determine the severity of the offense. It’s not one or two.

Second, the mention of temples will automatically involve the second R (religion). This is a package deal sir. Royalty is a standalone, separate institution. One could also claim that attacking royalty is also attacking another R (religion) since royalty are considered defenders of the official religion of the federation.

Third, what can we say about your comments? You are now the one official spokesperson for Perikatan Nasional (PN). You are using the talk show to speak for PN so you will be speaking with a biased view as evidenced by the first and second points above.

Anyway, please do not interpret the gravity of the offense by one or two Rs. Logic says it doesn’t work this way. Very poor assessment.

FairMind: Khairy, are you sure that Kedah’s caretaker minister Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor violated only one R and not three Rs in total, including the statement that the Federal Constitution states that Penang is part of Kedah?

Either you just came out of the cave, or you are PN’s person. I’ve always looked at you as a prime ministerial candidate but you start to be inconsistent with your educated background according to PAS consistency Defamation (Defamation).

It is understood that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is ill and Sanusi is trying to be tough like Hadi was when he was younger. It appears that Sanusi is struggling to become the next PAS president when Hadi leaves or at least, he wants to be pushed into the inner circle of power.

JW: Khairy is just trying to stay relevant and get people to listen to his radio program. The sedition charges against Sanusi are pretty clear. If Khairy can’t define clarity, it’s clear that he has an agenda that is messing with his thinking.

The two R’s against DAP national chairperson Lim Guan Eng raised issues. China Press, for one, said their report was not translated correctly into Malay. Sanusi’s speech was in Malay.

According to MalaysiaNow, Lim said that “If the Green Wave doesn’t like the temples they see, they will destroy them. But as long as Penang remains the same, people can still worship gods and Buddhas.”

Lim used an “if” condition. That’s a big difference. Khairy graduated from Oxford. Surely, he would understand that. Furthermore, isn’t it true that Sanusi demolished a Hindu temple in Kuala Kedah and canceled the public holiday for Thaipusam?

OrangePanther1466: Khairy, I am very disappointed by your comments. Sanusi is clear insulting the sultan of Selangor and should not be let off the hook by simply apologizing, which would set a bad precedent.

Lim, on the other hand, only wondered what the PN could do if they came to power based on Sanusi’s actions in the alleged destruction of Hindu temples in Kedah. How is that seditious when you quote a precedent?

On the other hand, you and your co-host on the radio program Shahril Hamdan discussed these allegations, saying it was clearly a political ploy when no proper context was given.

GreenGuppy5137: Heh Keluar Sekejap (radio program), don’t pretend to be impartial and at the same time sit there and talk baloney.

Why are you so quick to judge Lim while many others from the other side keep harping on race and religion as if the non-Malay communities in the country are completely disenfranchised? Have you listened to them? talk (political talk) on YouTube, TikTok, and other social media?

When we hear all this nonsense too much, of course, many of us get worried and upset. I believe that whatever Lim said was a natural reaction to our concerns. If I’m not mistaken, I think he was quoting the actual incident which happened in Kedah.

Sometimes, I thought Khairy could be a good prime minister material, but no more.

GreenBear2094: Not surprising Umno defeated Khairy out. He has selective memory or knowledge. Inspector-General of Police Razarudin Husain has said that the police have tried several times to contact Sanusi but he has rejected those calls.

Observing Lim’s political career as a politician and chief minister of Penang, he will cooperate if the same calls are made to him. The context and issues of these cases are different. A right minded person can recognize this.

Well, Khairy has already said that his support is for the PN. So, whatever he says in his Keluar Sekejap program, his views are for PN. Good luck to him.

Justice4All: Khairy and Shahril seem confused or otherwise. If they both agree that Sanusi did insult the Selangor sultan, they should both be prosecuted for apparently supporting the caretaker Kedah menteri besar on the issue.

If they do not understand, the statement is a clear insult and violation of the law against a sultan, not a common man. Immediate priority should be given so that the issue can be caught immediately and not delayed. In other words, it should be tracked quickly but with precision and method.

The sultan is the head of the state of Selangor. Khairy and Shahril, please get this top priority out of your skull.

In the end, Lim did not degrade, insult and, or disrespect the sultan. The case should also be investigated but should take a temporary backseat to Sanusi’s case.

We should always respect and, or love our leaders and parents, especially when we are Malaysians in Malaysia.

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