YOURSAY | It is unreasonable to cancel the event just because of a bad hat

YOURSAY | ‘Why is there no similar anger at the threat to Siti Kasim’s life?’

Police investigate kissing incident, abandon music festival cancellation

Vijay47: It’s simply incredible, shocking.

It is granted that some in society would find the sight of two men kissing in public offensive, though others consider it to be of no particular concern.

But do we have to go on a full “national war alert” because of an act of stupidity?

In the past, hysteria over ghosts in telescopes or toilets was an occasional event inside factories and has now disappeared.

For better or worse, the strange spirits of the factory seem to have left our industrial estate only to be replaced by an even worse kind of frenzy.

Suddenly, everyone wants to be a national hero, seeing enemies and ghosts behind every tree or bush.

Remember the case in Sweden, where a nincompoop burned a copy of the Quran?

Of course, any Muslim would be offended, just like anyone else if his holy book was desecrated. But how did Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim react?

He was raging and raging as if Sweden had declared war on us. No one denies him the right or even the duty to speak out against such acts, but surely, as prime minister, he is expected to conduct himself with more decorum.

I notice that there is no mention of a million copies of the Quran.

History repeats itself, this time because of someone’s ill-advised display of affection. Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil jumped on the bandwagon, and an entire three-day Good Vibes Festival (GVF) was ordered shut down.

Almost every government department wants to review our entire spectrum of regulations regarding entertainment events. I am surprised that former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad did not ask for our Constitution to be amended.

Matt Healy kisses his 1975 band members right there on stage – it’s war, the British are coming!

But I also noticed that there was no similar outrage when a possible terrorist or extremist planted a bomb in the car of lawyer-activist Siti Kasim. Why not? Is Siti not British enough for you?

I’ll repeat, for the sake of those who will respond to their pointless comments – I agree that Healy kissing a man will cause some discomfort.

I also agree that he broke some local laws and should be prosecuted. But do we have to squawk like headless chickens? Have we lost our sense of proportion?

Healy would be ashamed that his one kiss brought an entire nation to a standstill.

Many Races: I’m against what The 1975 band did. They are guests in a country and they must respect the laws and culture of their own country.

Having said that, our government’s reaction to this should be fair and reasonable. To cancel GVF because of a bad hat is unfair and certainly not reasonable.

Has the government thought of the thousands of people who arranged, and paid for their tickets, accommodation and transport to get to GVF?

Not to mention that many would have taken leave to attend the festival. What about the other performers who are innocent?

The cancellation will affect other performers in terms of their time and money.

What about the vendors who are there to sell food and drinks as well as gifts? The festival organizer also booked the venue and paid for a lot of things.

There is no doubt that the government should act against the offenders. The cancellation is an overreaction and plays right into the opposition and extremist groups. In my opinion, the shows should not be cancelled. However, 1975 should be slapped with a penalty or cancellation of their permit to further perform in Malaysia.

The organizer should also be slapped with a penalty. Both can appeal. The government, through the police, should investigate.

Malaysia is trying to show the world our unity and moderation. These actions portray us as intolerant and immoderate.

I hope Fahmi learns this because, despite this, I will still support Anwar’s unity government. The reason is that the other option is not acceptable at all.

anon 93751028: Unfortunately, the entire festival had to be canceled due to the actions of one performer.

The actual fine for the action is small, but the organizer has to bear the consequences, while the performer goes home with a small fine and will be whinging about his “treatment”.

Healy’s actions were wrong and intentional, he knew that kissing a bandmate, drinking alcohol and shooting him in the mouth in a rude and teasing manner would be against his contract and would upset many.

At least, the last two offenses are illegal in many countries.

OceanMaster II: Given the current political climate in the country and the impending state assembly elections, the home minister must have been forced to act as he did.

Any less decisive action could present an exploitable opportunity for the opposition.

However, it is important to note that openly criticizing local laws and publicly locking lips with men on stage is not generally accepted within our Malaysian culture.

This kind of behavior by a foreigner on Malaysian soil seems inappropriate.

Importantly, there are also different views among non-Muslims about LGBT issues, so this is not just a religious matter.

BluePanther4725: 1975 should stick to music instead of making it political and LGBT advocacy.

Their remarks are rude and offensive and it is not their place to insult their host country.

However, our authorities and police overreacted by canceling the entire event.

Will the government cancel all live entertainment events in the future?

This would be extremely stupid and immature. We live in a diverse society where many people are different from us and we cannot impose our value systems on others.

Religion does not give us the right to discriminate and oppress others.

Just a Malaysian: Tolerance is a sign of maturity and intelligence. We don’t have any.

We are a chest-beating community rushing to defend against senseless symbolic violation while our own country’s well-being is being washed away by many politicians who are vain in power.

We are a nation that is confused about what is right or wrong and what path the leadership should take to ensure that future generations of Malays and non-Malays have a decent quality of life.

We are also a nation that greatly enjoys old fashioned thinking and feels proud and proud of it.

We allow the ignorant, unexposed and unthinking masses to control all our behavior.

We appease and indulge their petty longings based on their narrow view of life.

This country has failed so far and will continue to fail if the leaders are not brave enough to stop this kind of idiotic mindset.

I am not a supporter of the gay lifestyle but I would not become gay if I saw The 1975 band members give a kiss to their band mate.

One warning is enough to show the world that we have some level of maturity. Fahmi, go back and watch your favorite movie (Polis Evo 3), “we are still strong” (we are stronger).

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