YOURSAY | Indian lives and votes matter

YOURSAY | ‘Many feel that Anwar has given Indians the cold shoulder.’

COMMENT | A holistic approach is needed in addressing the plight of Indians

COMMENT | State polls: India’s crucial vote

Falcon: Malaysiakini columnist and research associate Bridget Welsh, you are right about everything!

For the Malaysian Indians, it has been a gradual isolation and displacement without any meaningful affirming programs as for the majority of the community!

A comprehensive in-depth study will show that they have fallen far in comparison to other communities that include economic and political migrants from Indonesia, West Asia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and failed states of the continent. of Africa.

The formula used by BN was cut and pasted by new political operatives and power brokers.

The result – those chosen or appointed steal what is for the community, for themselves and their insiders.

We are the brunt of jokes and abuse, after more than 60 years of struggle, to even get official documentation as citizens?

Inexplicably, some politicians think that singing an Indian song, dressing in Indian attire or worse, inviting a South Indian film star in election campaigns will garner votes. !

Yes, they have profiled us! We are lost on all fronts and it is getting worse.

Our parents mortgaged whatever they had to send us to university.

As a community, we were not given the university courses we chose to study. From cradle to grave, we face challenges.

Our dedication, contributions and sacrifices from the pre-independence era to the present mean nothing as two powerful political entities fight to control the dominance of their own community with a few Indians thrown into the mix. to show ‘unity’.

Now the wealth of past rulers of India and their insiders have not been investigated! Their identity is not a secret in the establishment! From where I stand, as a community, we are in a tunnel and I see no light or future!

Kilimanjaro: Most Indians I have spoken to do not trust Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

It’s hard, but trust in Anwar and Pakatan Harapan has gone down. I’ve been wary of this trend for the past few months.

Bridget is striking when she writes that Anwar and his government have ignored the needs of the Indian people and it has become a cosmetic exercise from the Harapan.

Someone told me that they might vote for Perikatan Nasional (PN), not out of love for PN but in protest against Harapan.

Worryingly, many of them told me that they would sleep at home or go out on vacation instead of going to the polling booth.

Chennah Assemblyperson Anthony Loke tells us that Negeri Sembilan’s caretaker menteri besar Aminuddin Harun is taking care of all the people in the state, but from the information I got, Indians prefer the deputy of Umno president Mohamad Hasan.

Why is it?

Many feel that Anwar has given Indians the cold shoulder. All he cares about is the Malay vote. Even the Chinese leaders in DAP are more interested in getting the Malay votes, as they ignore the Indian votes.

DAP’s ‘towkays’ are not that different from MCA’s ‘towkays’. Indians are a forgotten race and are only thought of during elections. It’s the same with mainstream parties.

Dr Simple Dimple: The Indian community is the ‘sucking oranges’ of the country.

From the time they arrived from India, they were exploited, humiliated, deprived, and given less than they deserved.

They tapped rubber, picked tea leaves, built roads, cleared forests, and did the worst possible work to build the country.

However, they never got the recognition they deserved.

The natives of Sarawak and Sabah have good representation at the federal level, unlike the poor Indians. Does their vote matter?

Man on Silver Mountain: If they don’t vote Harapan, they have to accept the consequences. If you don’t vote, you lose your right to complain.

Kedah caretaker menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor canceled a religious public holiday and demolished a temple. How can it be better for them?

More importantly, you have a platform to raise your grievance. On the other hand, whether anything can be done, is another matter.

An entitlement attitude just because of your votes isn’t always the way to go either. There are many factors in any decision.

Eaglebaby05: Indians are not against special rights for Malays.

They are not against the economic assistance given to the Malays. What they are asking is to increase the available places in higher institutions – without taking anything away from the Malays.

It can be done without causing pain to others. Allocate funds only to increase seats in higher education institutions so that eligible Indian students can be accommodated.

Give education to Indians—they can manage their lives on their own after this.

GhostRider: Indians did the backbreaking labor to build this country and were not recognized but further exploited by their thieving leaders.

Now they expect Harapan to fix everything in short order and, when that fails, want to vote against Harapan to register their disappointment. Who can blame them?

But this would be a huge generational mistake. Changes take time and hard work. If Indians don’t stay the course, their future can only be bleak.

Anand SP: Malaysian Indian voters should come out in force and vote for anyone but Harapan to show their displeasure.

At least, this way, the current regime under Anwar will take notice and come up with some meaningful programs for improving their condition.

Mojo: The Indian community must be patient and stand on the Front. It has only been eight months since the formation of the federal government.

There is one more hurdle to clear, the upcoming state elections. Do not doubt your support, faith in the government.

Things will change, given a little time. bless you

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