YOURSAY | Hamzah, tell us something new in politics

YOURSAY | ‘Aren’t you one of them who makes such deals?’

Hamzah said that Zahid made a deal with Anwar to solve the graft cases

BOBBYO: The question is not what are the back-door agreements that the politicians are making behind the backs of the people, but what about the future position of the people and the country. It is a known fact that back-door deals are signed and sealed by politicians to protect their own interests.

So, what’s new, Hamzah Zainudin (Bersatu secretary-general and former home minister)? Tell us something else. In the last five years before these elections, the country experienced three different administrations. It’s all because of politicians who bargain behind people’s backs.

The country has seen a downtrend in all aspects. Law and order, economics, and even relationships between people. Until they got tired and sent someone they didn’t like or agreed to run this country.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim got the highest mandatebut still, there are these back-door deals that continue to bring this coalition to a complete failure.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, knowing that this country is sliding down at a dangerous pace, wisely put his foot down and wanted the political parties to work together. However, there are individuals who have their own itineraries.

Some want to stop all the cases piled up against them. Some are to close files that could lead to an investigation of their crimes. Some want to control the Treasury and continue to loot it.

Even today, there are still individuals who hope for change after these state elections. However, the agreements are made by politicians who do not care about the welfare of the people, only to protect their selfish interests.

In the end, the people who put together a workable agreement or coalition will rule. Not the people. The coalition will decide which file to close and who will be acquitted of their crimes. As well as who will rule which state.

Until people mature and open their eyes to the antics of politicians, nothing will change in this country. So Hamzah (on top), tell us what’s new in the political circle. Aren’t you one of them who makes such deals? How many illegal activities did you push under the carpet while you were the home minister?

Lion King: It’s tiring to read all these politicians who have no interest in the people. Look at the state of the country when these jokers ruled the country, we must be crazy to think that things will change with these people back in government.

All Malaysians, especially the Malays, should think about their future generations. If they want the country to go back to the dark ages and be filled with corruption, yes, bring them back.

It appears that most of the existing politicians are old, incompetent, uneducated, and do not belong in the age of artificial intelligence. Their statements so far seem childish and give the impression that they are coming from mentally deficient people.

Let’s include people who have The vision to advance the country and not be the laughing stock of the world. The embarrassment caused by those is enough 1MDB saga.

Apanama returns: “So the agreement between Anwar and his deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (after GE15) is because Zahid wants his cases resolved,” Hamzah said.

No wonder Zahid’s cases move at a snail’s pace. Moreover, the criminal part of the littoral combat ships (LCS) scandal has been largely forgotten or pretended to be forgotten since November 2022. Now, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) is just playing puppet (theatrics), investigating the delivery of a ship.

And it is called a investigation?

Anwar, if Hamzah’s statement that “Zahid wants his cases solved” is not true, you need to start a criminal case in the LCS scandal based on four forensics. reports.

Rule of law should prevail here, not your post and administration. Zahid is a liability. People are not happy with his appointment except your blind supporters who fear the other side.

Over the causeway in Singapore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong ordered his transport minister to leave pending an investigation by the country’s Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau.

But in Malaysia, we have a man who was charged in court and told to enter his defense appointed as deputy prime minister and return his passport so that a tainted senior official can represent Malaysia at the international level.

What wonderful integrity we have here, the Madani way of integrity. Singapore might be laughing at us for this good joke.

Undecided: “My friend called me early in the morning (the day after the Sabah election results came out) and said ‘Brother, we can fix this on one condition. Resolve the Umno president’s cases.’”

This kind of allegation by Hamzah is tantamount to showing contempt for the judiciary.

The attorney-general should not allow the blatant contempt of politicians to tarnish the image of the courts by implying that it can be manipulated by outside parties, especially the prime minister.

Although people’s confidence in the independence of the judiciary has improved greatly since Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat took over as Chief Justice, politicians continue to raise such doubts about the judiciary with impunity.

New day: It was good to read my first piece of news today which reflected the amazing imagination of Perikatan Nasional. The third-last paragraph respecting the royal Institution made me laugh and almost cry at the same time at its sheer absurdity.

I remember that the PN became very bitter after the Agong successfully directed its consolidation government coalition. You have no choice but to agree to the decision made. You are not magnanimous.

You have no evidence that Zahid made any such deal with Anwar and it is 100 percent coffee shop speculation that has undoubtedly rattled your blinded followers in Kedah.

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