The K-Drama Heartthrob Whose Career Survived Five Public Relationships With Popular Celebrities

Korean celebrities are usually not very open about their romantic relationships in public. Fans often learn about the private lives of their favorite stars only through milestone events like wedding announcements. But a Korean heartthrob has had many public relations during his career and is still active in the industry today.

New K-Drama fans may know him as Jin Tae Joon from the hit Netflix series Celebritybut in the early 2000s, he was one of the biggest K-Drama heartthrobs, thanks to his role in Lovers In Paris. The actor in question is Lee Dong Gunan industry veteran who has been active since 2003.

Lee debuted in 1998 as a singer, but his fortune led him to acting, where he flourished. Although he starred in several dramas between 2002 and 2003, his breakout year was 2004, when his projects such as Sweet 18, Lovers in Parisand Stained glass brought him great fame.

Lee in “Lovers in Paris” | Hancinema

Rewarding his two-decade career, one of the most talked about parts of the actor’s life in South Korea is his long dating history that has been public since early in his career.

1. Kim Min Jung

Kim Min Jung | THE BAD

Actress Kim Min Jung and Lee collaborated on a project where they played the roles of lovers. The two reportedly had real feelings for each other, and they dated for a year and a half in 2004 before calling it quits.


2. Han Ji Hye

Han Ji Hye | @jh_han/Instagram

Often said to be an artist to Han Ji Hye The involvement with Lee Dong Gun is one of the latter’s most talked about relationships. The two actors met in 2014 while filming for Sweet 18 and began dating, which eventually turned into a long-term relationship.

The couple reunited for a 2005 film project My Boyfriend is Type B. It wasn’t until this film that speculations started floating about the two dating as people witnessed their off-screen chemistry on the sets. Eventually, they started going out together in public while dating.

With how secure the two are in their relationship, people are convinced that they will end up together. But unfortunately, the two actors ended the relationship after four years, and Lee’s representatives said it was due to personal issues, including military enlistment and Lee’s marriage. After their breakup, Han Ji Hye removed her entire online page where she previously posted photos with Lee, and the public took it as confirmation of the breakup.

3. Cha Ye Ryun

Cha Ye Ryun | Metro UK

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Cha Ye Ryun and Lee Dong Gun came out in 2009. It has been reported that they have been dating since last year when they filmed the K-Drama. Star’s lover together


The actors were seen together in public, spending time in coffee shops and stores. However, they have not officially admitted that they are dating.


Two years later, there are reports that the couple has split, though no official confirmation has been given by either side. Lee Dong Gun then enlists in the military for his mandatory service.

4. T-ARA’s Jiyeon

Another of Lee’s highly publicized relationships was in 2015 with T-NOW member Jiyeon, who is 12 years younger than him.

T-ARA’s Jiyeon | @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Reports stated that the two became close while filming the Korea-China joint production Haehu, and confirmed the rumors when fans spotted them together on a date in Shanghai, China. The agencies of the two stars also released official statements admitting that they are dating.


However, their relationship ended after two years in February 2017. A representative told Ilgan Sports, “They decide to end their relationship and keep a sunbae-hoobae relationship. Their schedules were so busy that they neglected to see each other often, so they broke up like any other couple.”

5. Jo Yoon Hee

Jo Yoon Hee | @mixnutcookie/Instagram

Just 26 days after he broke up with Jiyeon, Lee Dong Gun was spotted dating the popular actress Jo Yoon Hee. After Dispatch released the photo of them dating, the two actors confirmed the news.

Just two months after dating, Lee Dong Gun announced his marriage to Jo and the news of their expected child. The two actors met while filming the 2016 drama The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop and started dating after Lee’s breakup with Jiyeon.


They ended in divorce three years later.

Jo Yoon Hee returned to the public after years when she started her official Instagram account. The actress posted pictures with her son, much to the delight of fans.

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