The alleged uncle of The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il has revealed that his nephew has always been a scam artist

As predicted by industry experts, the fifty fiFTY controversy is growing to greater proportions.

In the midst of a legal battle between fifty fifty, The Giversand ATTRACTIONDispatch released an article recently saying that the CEO of The Givers Ahn Sung Il forged the signatures of “Cupid” songwriters overseas to transfer the copyright to himself.

On July 18, The Givers released a statement denying the allegations and emphatically stated, “We would like to clarify that we obtained the copyright for ‘Cupid’ through a legitimate process through our music publisher. We aim to remove any confusion and convey the objective facts surrounding copyright acquisition.”

However, the public is still skeptical of The Givers’ claims. Many have pointed out that the explanation provided by The Givers still does not clarify some questions that have arisen regarding the copyright controversy.

Adding to the growing controversy, popular YouTuber Gamsung Sound recently conducted an interview with an alleged uncle of Ahn Sung Il, the CEO of The Givers. According to the uncle, his nephew was already involved in the scam as a child.

Gamsung Sound released a video in which he discussed his meeting with Ahn Sung Il’s uncle, who approached him. During their conversation, the uncle shared his perspective on the recent incident involving his nephew.

The video begins with Ahn Sung Il’s uncle saying, “I told him, ‘Even from my point of view, you did something wrong.’ Do you think the public will remain silent?He said he advised his nephew, Ahn Sung Il, to apologize for his misdeeds, acknowledging that the public could see his fraudulent actions.

The uncle reveals that Ahn Sung Il’s relatives are now referring to him as a sagikoon (Korean word for scam artist) because of their previous experiences with him. He said, “They all call him a ‘scammer.’ They all say, ‘Oh, the scammer is here’ every time he comes.” Gamsung Sound clarified that Ahn Sung Il’s uncle and family had a history of financial disputes, which he would reveal through the proper means.

The YouTuber also highlighted Ahn Sung Il’s lack of remorse for causing the controversy, as he stubbornly refused to admit his mistake.

During the conversation, the uncle shed light on Ahn Sung Il’s attitude. Gamsung Sound asked him, “Do you think he (Ahn Sung Il) intends to continue his current stance until the end?” To which Ahn Sung Il’s uncle replied, “Of course. I think.” The uncle continued, “The girls were only 18 or 19 years old. How many 19 year olds would know about legal terms like a temporary injunction to suspend contracts? The man manipulating all this is Ahn Sung Il.

According to the uncle, Ahn Sung Il manipulates members’ families to register trademarks and take legal action. He also expressed Ahn Sung Il’s trust in the girls who won the legal battle against ATTRAKT.

The uncle shared, “I advised Sung Il to resolve the issue with CEO Jun and send the girls to him. He should leave (the picture). Their side also wants to protect the girls. So he must let go of what is necessary and take responsibility for his actions. I told him to admit his mistakes.However, the uncle revealed that Ahn Sung Il firmly believed that he had done nothing wrong.

Gamsung Sound further clarified the uncle’s statements, saying, “So Ahn Sung Il doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. He believes that fifty fivety has not been very popular in Korea. Just as we Koreans are oblivious to major incidents involving famous foreign artists and simply enjoy their music, he believes that whatever happens in Korea will go unnoticed by the world..”

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