Ten Most Viewed Dance Practice Videos of Fourth-generation Boy Groups

As K-pop continues to rise in popularity, dance practice videos have become an important medium for fans to witness the sheer talent and hard work put into performances by their favorite idols.

Here are the top ten most viewed dance practice videos on YouTube by fourth generation K-pop boy groups.

1. DARARI – wealth (52M)

    The dance practice video of TREASURE’s viral hit, “DARARI,” has emerged as the fourth-generation boy group’s most-viewed dance practice video on YouTube, garnering a staggering 52 million views and counting. With their dazzling dance moves and undeniable talent, TREASURE has captivated fans around the world.

    2. MOVE – YAAMAN (35M)

      TREASURE’s latest pre-release track, “MOVE,” has proven to be an unstoppable force, and its dance practice video currently holds the second position on the list with over 35 million views. The video showcases the group’s talent and synchronization, leaving viewers in awe of their dynamic moves and performances.

      3. FEVER – ENHYPEN (21M)

        Third on the list is the dance practice video for ENHYPEN’s “FEVER”. It emerged as a hit, garnering over 21 million views and counting. The group’s unparalleled synchronicity and dynamic dance moves captivate fans, cementing their position as one of the most formidable dance acts in the industry.

        4. DOMINO – Stray Kids (21M)

          Stray Kids’ “DOMINO” is a powerhouse dance practice video that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, making it the fourth most-watched dance practice video by a fourth-generation boy group. With over 21 million views on YouTube, it showcases Stray Kids’ unparalleled talent and magnetic charisma.

          5. God’s Menu – Stray Kids (21M)

            Stray Kids’ dance practice video for “God’s Menu” is a testament to their talent and popularity, becoming the fifth most watched dance practice video among fourth-generation boy groups. With over 21 million views and counting, fans are mesmerized by their synchronization and infectious energy.

            6. CROWN – TXT (19M)

              TXT’s debut song “CROWN” captured the hearts of fans around the world, pushing its dance practice video to become the sixth most watched among fourth-generation boy groups. With an impressive 19 million views and counting, this incredible success showcases the group’s immense talent and charisma.

              7. Thunderous – Stray Kids (18M)

                Stray Kids’ hit track “Thunderous” stands out as the fourth-generation boy group’s fourth-generation boy group’s seventh most-viewed dance practice video, garnering an impressive 18 million views and counting. As the boys showcase their unique charisma, “Thunderous” shows why Stray Kids has gained such a huge global following.

                8. My Pace – Stray Kids (15M)

                  Stray Kids’ “My Pace” dance practice video has attracted fans worldwide, becoming the fourth-generation boy group’s eighth most-viewed dance practice video. Over an astounding 15 million views, this dynamic performance showcases the group’s impeccable synchronization and high-energy choreography.

                  9. Easy – Stray Kids (15M)

                    With over 15 million views, Stray Kids’ “Easy” is ninth on the list. The group’s magnetic charisma and synchronized movements mesmerize fans and audiences alike. Stray Kids’ talent and energy are on full display in this dance practice video, showing off their ability to perform complex choreography effortlessly.

                    10. BOY – TREASURE (15M)

                      Last on the list is the dance practice video of TREASURE’s debut song “BOY,” which has over 15 million views on YouTube. With their captivating energy and flawless execution, TREASURE leaves a lasting impact on audiences, cementing their position as one of the rising acts in the K-pop industry.

                      The fourth-generation K-pop boy group has undeniably made their mark on the global music scene, and dance practice videos have played a big role in boosting their popularity.

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