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KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 — If you want a different view of breakfast, consider trying TGSK KL inside Taman Ampang Indah.

The peaceful green surroundings are a great way to escape the city life, while you eat Malay eats from Terengganu and Johor.



There is no fixed address but just use Waze to get here. This is the road leading to the SUKE highway for Bukit Indah/Taman Kosas.

You will see the signboard Gerai UPEN Kampung Dato’ Mufti, then there is an entrance in front of the plant pots, like a nursery.

Their namesake is this Tempe Goreng Sambal Kicap.

There will be a blackboard with the words, “Dah Sarapan Ke Tu?” that asks you the most important question of the day, whether you’ve had breakfast.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll see that it’s not a huge space. I imagine it must be chaotic on weekends.

Since I went for a mid-week breakfast treat, it was quiet and pleasant to eat at leisure. It was my first time to visit this place, so the drive itself was an adventure for me.

What I noticed was that people didn’t stay long; they would order food, eat it and leave in a hurry, probably because it was a weekday.

Johor’s specialty is lempeng or pancakes like this with sliced ​​bananas eaten with sambal.

There are tables scattered around so when you get one, note the table number as you will need it when ordering your food.

First, let’s tackle the elephant in the room… what is TGSK? Well, it just stands for Tempe Goreng Sambal Kicap, which is their signature item.

In fact, if you go back in time to 2020, they started as a stall selling popular Javanese items, right in front of Pakdin Nursery where they are located today.

Essentially, it is tempeh cut into finger-sized pieces fried and served with a mild sambal and soy sauce on the side.

There is a stall offering golden bites, including Lekor crackers and fried tofu or stuffed beancurd puff with mashed potatoes and various fillings. You also have classic Johor cuisine, plate or pancakes with coconut or banana.

A cute blackboard sign greets you to ask the most important question of the day if you’ve had breakfast.

Just help yourself to the mountain of fries tempeh. You have to choose 22 pieces for RM6. Since I was eating alone, I opted for a half portion.

They reminded me of French fries, thicker but at least I tell myself, a healthier version because tempeh has all the benefits for you because it is fermented soybeans.

I ordered the Banana Plate (RM5), prepared in a hot pan. It might not look like much but the pancakes are fluffy and you get a little sweetness from the scattered banana slices. The sauce The serving is also quite spicy, which gives it a strong flavor.

With so many snacks, I expected a large breakfast selection but what I discovered was these Commercial rice (RM9.50) is a different creature than usual okay versions.

Help yourself to the mountain of golden brown fried tempeh at the stall.

It is Terengganu style with white grain. And as they use 100 percent parboiled 1121 basmati rice, it’s easier on the stomach.

The taste is more refined with a thinner Curry and chunks of mackerel tuna. Again, this may not appeal to those who like full bodied flavors in their East Coast food.

Other popular items are the admiral, which most diners focus on. You can get it too rice cake Johor.

On weekends, the menu is larger with special items. Pulut Pagi or glutinous rice is served fried boiled fish, another East Coast breakfast staple. You also have Pulut Kuning paired shady. There is also Laksa Johor, Soto Ayam and Lontong Darat. Prices range from RM7.50 to RM8.50 for these weekend meals.

Try it if you are in the area. It’s a peaceful way to de-stress in Nature while you tuck into your breakfast.

Find a table and order food at the counter.

TGSK Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Indah Utama, Taman Ampang Indah, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Open: 8am to 12pm (Tuesday to Sunday). Closed on Mondays. Tel: 011-54145044. Facebook: Instagram: @tgsk.kl

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