Sofia Vergara’s ‘addiction to success’ led to her divorce from husband Joe

SOFIA Vergara’s “addiction to success” was a major factor in her divorce from husband Joe Manganiello, The Sun has been told.

True Blood hunk Manganiello, 46, filed for divorce from the 51-year-old AGT judge on Wednesday, citing irreconcilable differences.

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara were seen in happier times when he was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in May 2015Credit: Getty
Sofia Vergara’s ‘addiction to success’ played a big role in her separation from husband Joe, according to a sourceCredit: Instagram/sofiavergara

This comes after the couple announced earlier this week that they were separating after seven years of marriage.

A friend told The US Sun that one of the main reasons the couple didn’t make it was the Colombian-born beauty’s ambition to lead a billionaire lifestyle.

The source said: “Since Modern Family ended in 2020, Sofia has been on a one-woman quest to redefine her place in Hollywood and achieve business mogul status.

“The timing is tricky because the pandemic is taking hold right because Sofia needs to start taking some basic steps, and it’s very frustrating for her.

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“You have a lot of actresses trying to chase that Reese Witherspoon model, build a big production company, make hit TV series, but I’d say Sofia’s ambitions are bigger.

“This is a woman addicted to success and willing to turn her back on herself to make things happen.

“On the outside, Sofia looks like she has it all but inside her circle, everyone knows she’s going to live the billionaire lifestyle and loves working in an office, making deals, and solving problems.”


Vergara starred in the massive hit ABC sitcom Modern Family from 2009 to 2020.

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As of 2020, she continues to build her career as a judge on the NBC competition show America’s Got Talent.

The divorce papers state that the official date of separation of Vergara and Manganiello is July 2 of this year.

The announcement that they had separated came after Vergara was spotted celebrating her birthday in Italy, minus Manganiello or her wedding ring.

A source told The Sun last week that Vergara’s partying and drinking played a role in her split from sober Manganiello.

Another insider said the down-to-earth Manganiello is set to leave their bougie Hollywood lifestyle behind now that they’re divorced.

One of the insiders added that “across the board lifestyle differences” were to blame for the unhappy end of the couple’s relationship.

That friend said: “Back in the early 2000’s, when he first got into the business, Joe was a party machine and he loved to live it up, but he got to a point in 2006 where he didn’t see the point in indulging himself like that anymore and became insanely disciplined about what he put in his body.

“This is when he becomes this incredible muscle man and it’s like a switch flips in his brain.

“There’s really no turning back after that point, so it’s always surprising that she married someone who lived such a strange lifestyle, altogether.

“Even a subject like physical fitness, which is very close to Joe’s heart, Sofia has never met him, and she is not the type to spend a lot of time in the gym the way Joe does.

“If anything, Joe became more conservative after they married, and famously used the couple’s wine cellar to host his Dungeons & Dragons games with fellow actors and filmmakers.

“Sofia wasn’t interested in that world, and basically ignored it during their marriage.

“It’s clearly a case of the similarities between the two of them being almost nonexistent.”

Sofia Vergara aspires to a billionaire lifestyle, says sourceCredit: Getty
The Hollywood couple grew up because of their differences in lifestyleCredit: Getty

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