SEVENTEEN Played An Epic Prank On Mingyu At Their “FOLLOW” Concert In Seoul

The group caught Mingyu with the same prank two years ago. ????

SEVENTEEN are known for their close relationships and fun-loving personalities, and they never miss an opportunity to show off their loving chaotic friendship to fans.

(Top row, from left:) SEVENTEEN’s Jun, Dino, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Vernon, Hoshi, Woozi, The8, and Wonwoo (Bottom row, from left:) Mingyu, Joshua, and DK (Seungkwan is currently on a temporary health-related break from activities) | @pledis_17/Twitter

SEVENTEEN recently started their tour with two ‘FOLLOW’ IN SEOUL show at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

The group captivated the CARATs with their high-energy performances, handsome visuals, and fun personalities.

SEVENTEEN performs with the ease of an 8-member group, and because of this, fun candid moments, planned special choreography, and fun inside jokes often play out on stage.

During their day two performance, the group joked happily Mingyuand it’s all thanks to a concerted effort led by Jeonghan.

For their joke, they pulled the same prank on Mingyu that they did during an Inside SEVENTEEN episode from two years ago.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan (left) and Mingyu (right)

Vernon revealed that Jeonghan set up a group chat the day before their second concert and added all of the SEVENTEEN members except Mingyu.

They joked together that they planned to change the end of their “Left and Right” choreography, just like they did in 2021 when training for Golden Disc AwardsMingyu was left alone to perform the desired choreography.

Hoshi cheerfully added that he was worried that the members would forget to do the prank before the performance because they wouldn’t be able to remind each other with Mingyu nearby.

Luckily for the members, they all remembered the prank, and Mingyu happily stood up as the only member to do the song’s expected ending.

Mingyu seemed surprised before jokingly pretending to walk off the stage and then quickly running back to his seat for the group’s “Beautiful” performance.

The CARATs were excited to see the legendary prank in person after two years and loved how much fun the members had doing it.

In their concert, they also updated CARATs on how Seungkwan is done, temporarily taking a break from activities to focus on his health.

Check out the positive update below!

SEVENTEEN Members Give Status Update About Seungkwan Going On Hiatus — He’s Making a “Surprise” Appearance


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