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By Bhavna Agarwal: The recently released K-drama ‘See You In My 19th Life’ is a fantasy rom-com about past lives and long-lasting love. The show features Ahn Bo-hyun (My Name), Shin Hye-sun (Mr Queen), Ha Yoon-kyung (Extraordinary Attorney Woo) and Ahn Dong-goo (Our Beloved Summer) in pivotal roles.

The show’s premise revolves around Ji-eum (Hye-sun), who remembers her past lives and Seo-ha (Bo-hyun) and their tangled story about Cho-won, Ji-eum’s brother from in his past life (Yoon). -kyung), and Do-yoon (Dong-goo).

India Today had an exclusive chat with Ha Yoon-kyung about her approach to the role of Cho-won, who was an enigma before the show aired. Also, he briefly talked about his relationship with cast members Ahn Bo-hyun and Shin Hye-sun and how his life changed after the success of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’

Excerpts from the interview below:

1. How did you approach Yoon Cho-won’s character for ‘See You in My 19th Life’?

I think Cho-won is a character who carries the sadness of losing his family but he manages to overcome that shadow well. She always radiates positive and bright energy to those around her, but I don’t want it to seem like it’s just her nature. I see Cho-won as a sprout that sprouts from pain and shadow. I tried to express that he was not only a bright, cheerful person, but a person of depth and genuine warmth.

2. Was there a scene that was very difficult to do? Can you take us through your process when approaching challenging scenes?

The scene where Cho-won realizes Ji-eum’s true identity came to mind. Believing in someone who claims to be reincarnated is a difficult process. So, I knew I had to plan and design Cho-won’s emotional development from knowing the truth to accepting it. However, when we started rolling, and as I was put in that situation, I was suddenly certain that as long as he lived his longing for his much-missed brother, he would believe.

Sometimes, emotional scenes make me go crazy. I would contemplate the emotion I have to perform, but sometimes it would be resolved as soon as I let it all go and just focus solely on the eyes and breathing of my co-actor.

Shin Hye-sun and Ha Yoon-kyung in a still from ‘See You In My 19th Life’. Photos Credit: Studio Dragon

3. Tell us a little about your bond with Ahn Bo Hyun and Shin Hye-sun and other cast members?

All the artists are honest and warm so we became close easily. I had a great and enjoyable time discussing the script openly, exchanging different opinions and ideas.

‘See You In My 19th Life’ cast. Photo Credits: Studio Dragon

4. If you had the ability to relive one stage of your life, would you and what stage would it be?

If I had to go back, I’d go back to my early ’20s. I was living too enthusiastically at that time (laughs). When I come back, I will enjoy more and travel more. Despite this, I like my life now. No matter how I live, no life is completely satisfying. Accepting all regrets or past wishes and loving yourself in the present will be the best way to live.

5. You were great last year with ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ doing wonders. What a great show and you’re so talented! Has life changed after success?

The biggest change is how much more people notice me on the streets, and that I now get casting calls from other projects! I am truly grateful for that change. However, as a person, I still feel that way. It would be great if I could continue to work diligently and consistently, while also showing different aspects of myself along the way.

‘See You In My 19th Life’ is available on Netflix for international users. It is also available in a Hindi dubbed version for Indian fans. It has 12 episodes.

Meanwhile, Studio Dragon, a subsidiary of CJ ENM, is behind shows like ‘The Glory,’ ‘Crash Landing On You,’ ‘Crash Course in Romance,’ Little Women, ‘Alchemy of Souls,’ ‘Our Blues,’ ‘Twenty Five Twenty One,’ ‘Hometown ChaChaCha,’ ‘Vincenzo,’ ‘It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,’ and others.

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