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By Bhavna Agarwal: The South Korean drama series, ‘See You In My 19th Life’, is dominating the ratings not only in South Korea but also around the world, especially on Netflix. It earned a spot in the top 10 non-English shows watched worldwide. In India, the show also got a place in the top 10 trending slot. This K-drama, based on the popular webtoon of the same name, features Ahn Bo-hyun, Shin Hye-sun, Ha Yoon-kyung, and Ahn Dong-goo in pivotal roles.


Produced by Studio Dragon, ‘See You In My 19th Life’ revolves around an eternal love that transcends past lives and regrets. It covers all the essential elements of a K-drama that can really tug at your heartstrings. One of the leading actors, Ahn Dong-goo, known for his roles in ‘Our Beloved Summer’ and ‘The Law Cafe’, plays the character of Ha Do-Yoon, who is Seo-ha’s (Ahn Bo-hyun) secretary and has a complicated connection with her on screen. Their on-screen bond is both adorable and complex, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the show.

In an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in, Ahn Dong-goo candidly discussed the similarities and differences between him and his ‘See You In My 19th Life’ character, as well as his relationship with Ahn Bo-hyun. He also opened up about his experiences playing the second lead in various shows and his approach to such roles.


1. How is Ha Do-Yoon similar or different from Ahn Dong-goo?

It is similar in the sense that our personalities change depending on who we are with and what situation we are in. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold. The difference is that I’m not as tough as Do-yoon. Do-yoon doesn’t have any big gestures, or reactions. I am the opposite.

A still from ‘See You In My 19th Life.’ Photo Credit: Studio Dragon

2. You have many scenes with Ahn Bo Hyun. How would you describe your relationship with him?

We have a good bond. He often bought me drinks and food. I love him like a big brother. I believe our relationship is also reflected in the show.

3. What do you find difficult when it comes to presenting roles that look simple on paper but are one of the most central parts of the storyline? For example, in Our Beloved Summer, a lot of the humor comes from your character or even The Law Cafe.

When I’m playing a scene, and it’s an important link in the story, I feel an obligation to be more precise. Whether it’s the vocal tone or a facial expression, I believe I have to make sure I’m not analyzing it. Honestly, the comic scenes are the most challenging for me. I personally feel that making someone laugh is harder than making someone cry. It shouldn’t be funny to the person performing it, but it should be fun for the people watching it. I’m really trying to create scenes so that they naturally induce laughter, but I’m not sure I’m doing a good job. I do my best to take those important scenes seriously.

A still of Ahn Dong-goo from ‘See You In My 19th Life.’ Photo Credit: Studio Dragon

4. If you could go back and change or redo your experience on a particular set, which show would it be and why?

I don’t want to go back at any moment. Because they only happen once, every moment is important, whether it’s a time of sadness or happiness.

5. What was your biggest takeaway or learning from the set of See You in My 19th Life?

I found nice people. I am truly happy and grateful to be with them. I feel like I’ve discovered that being around good people also improves my performance. I hope to have many more experiences like this in the future.


‘See You In My 19th Life’ is available on Netflix with a Hindi dubbed version for Indian fans. It consists of 12 episodes. Studio Dragon, a subsidiary of CJ ENM, is the production company behind this show along with several other popular titles such as ‘Crash Landing On You’ and ‘Vincenzo.’

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