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KUALA LUMPUR, July 22 — The sudden cancellation of the Good Vibes Festival (GVF) 2023 in Sepang caused huge losses to a total of 28 food vendors.

The food vendors, who spent thousands of ringgit to stock food and hours of time preparing for the event, took to social media to vent their frustration and disappointment at the GVF’s cancellation due to a “non-compliant” stunt by a British band member on stage that violated Malaysian laws.



The owner of Sausage Sizzle Malaysia, Nazri, sent a message to Communication and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil on behalf of all the vendors and explained that each food vendor spent up to RM15,000 just to stock food for the festival.

“I understand the implications of last night’s incident and its effects on the people of Malaysia from a social, political and economic standpoint.

“However, we, micro businesses hope for an opportunity to boost our sales and profits. Times are tough, this year is generally tough. Opportunities like this don’t come around often at Good Vibes.

“We spent more than RM15,000 minimum. This does not include rental, accommodation, staffing, logistics and the entire time we took to prepare the food for the festival. This is not a small amount for entrepreneurs like us,” he said in a short video posted on Instagram post.

Nazrin urged Fahmi to consider the consequences to the vendors due to the cancellation of the festival.

“Please help us save the GVF and punish those who are really guilty and we are not here to participate,” he said.

Another food vendor, Rosanna from Youhoofries, in the same video shared by Nazri, said that food vendors should not be punished for someone’s wrongdoing.

Earlier today, media reported that British band The 1975’s vocalist Matt Healy made an offensive speech against the government on stage midway through his performance and kissed his male guitarist on stage last night.

Following the incident, the three-day Good Vibes Festival 2023 (GVF 2023) in Sepang that started last night ended a day early.

The Ministry of Communication and Digital also blacklisted the band from performing again in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, myBurgerLab, which also took part in the celebration, wrote in an Instagram post urging readers to support food vendors.

“Some words of support and encouragement are welcome and appreciated as well.

“I hope we have a better chance after this and learn from this and learn to move forward,” the post read.

myBurgerLab’s Instagram post was also accompanied by photos of food vendors frantically packing up their wares from their food stalls following the cancellation of the festival.

“It’s just as devastating to the various food vendors and small businesses as it is to the organizers, sponsors, workers and thousands of attendees who paid their hard-earned money to see their favorite acts perform live and enjoy the festival.

“As we were setting up our stalls in the heat of the Sepang afternoon, we realized: what about us and all the other food vendors from here? We all spent not a small amount to make sure we bring the best we have to GVF and make this event a success.

“Not to mention the time, effort, collaboration and lost sleep we had to go through. So we do what we can, cut our loss where we see fit and find a way to lower waste where we can,” the post read.

MyBurgerLab also listed some food vendors affected by the incidents in the same Instagram post, including Nomms Fried Chicken, Big Boss HSP, Joshijosh Catering, Kingu Kongu, Nachoslah, Hijau Kuala Lumpur, Superfine.KL, Kickin Prawns, Cheezuto Cheese Toast and A Pie Thing.

Meanwhile, a representative from Beard Brothers BBQ, which offers American-style barbecue dishes, urged all performers involved in the festival to stop bringing their political agenda to the show.

“People want to make a living and I know you (performers) want to make a living. Make the right and right choice,” he said.

While Pizza Mansion, as a way to save what they lost from the cancellation of GVF, shared in their Instagram post that all the food offered at GVF will be served in all their outlets tomorrow.

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