NewJeans’ Music Video “Cool With You” Sparks Fascinating Interpretations Among Korean Netizens

NewJeans stands out as one of the most impressive 4th generation idol groups in the K-pop scene. Their latest release, the music videos for “cool with you,” they once again managed to captivate fans with their artistic expression.

The music video, carefully crafted with top-notch production, showcases their impressive talent and innovative storytelling approach.

The latest music video featuring ‘Squid Game‘ star Jung Ho Yeon and famous actor in Hong Kong Tony Leung, was met with an overwhelmingly positive response. The unique aura and wonderful storytelling mixed with aesthetic cinema has sparked discussions on various online communities and social media platforms.

A netizen took to the popular Korean online community TheQoo to share their perspective on the music video’s storyline.

The netizen explained, “He (Jung Ho Yeon) follows a girl all day and hooks her up with the perfect guy when he shows up.

Speculation by netizen Jung Ho Yeon Eros, the god of love, responsible for connecting the bridge of love between people. They note that the members of NewJeans are the guardian angels of this deity.

During the events, Jung Ho Yeon meets a man she fell in love with at first sight. The netizen explained, “A man appears before her eyes, and she falls for him at first sight. (Of course) he did not know of his existence, so he left. And followed him.”

The netizen continued, “He is a being who connects people when their right match appears, but he is so obsessed with her and just staring at her that he does not realize who has appeared in front of him.”

The netizen continued to explain that Jung Ho Yeon continued to follow the man until she felt doubts about her work. NewJeans, who are Jung Ho Yeon’s guardian angels, watch over him, full of concern.

As the days go on, Jung Ho Yeon sees the people she was together with begin to drift apart as the love between them is now gone. However, Jung Ho Yeon couldn’t help but continue to love the man she saw.

That’s when he decides to leave his role as Eros and become a man.

In the second video (part B), Jung Ho Yeon finally becomes human after standing in the rain. Finally she was facing the man she wanted.

The two spend the next few weeks together, falling deeply in love with each other until tragedy strikes.

At the end of the second part of the music video, Tony Leung – thought to be another Eros – appears before Jung Ho Yeon’s eyes, standing behind the man she loves.

While crossing the street to meet her boyfriend, Jung Ho Yeon realizes that her boyfriend is no longer looking at her but has eyes on someone else.

The netizen went on to interpret that Tony Leung has developed a new “love” for Jung Ho Yeon’s lover. Now, Jung Ho Yeon has to face the other side of love – the sadness of separation.

In the end, Jung Ho Yeon finds the guardian angels watching over her and watches them for a while before disappearing into the night.

The netizen speculated that the narrative may continue in the music video for “We” since Jung Ho Yeon left with a mysterious smile.

Other netizens also added interpretation to their take and also praised the music videos. They commented, “I guess standing in the rain also means something. As he knew standing in the rain would make him human. That’s why he gets an umbrella even when it’s not raining,” “The interpretation is crazy. I was kind of speculating that Jung Ho Yeon is Eros,” “The music video is so good,” “Or if Jung Ho Yeon is Eros, her lover is Psyche, and Tony Leung is the Aphrodite who goes between Eros and Psyche,” “Tony Leung? It’s epic,” “These interpretations are intriguing. Give some further interpretation theqoos,” and “The music video is amazing.”

What do you think? Share your interpretation of the music video below!

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