MC Mong’s legal side revealed that the producer was constantly threatened by a former affiliate + again clarified his relationship with SM and EXO

Musician/producer MC Mong released an official statement through his legal representative, Kohwoo Law Firmto directly refute the various speculations and malicious rumors surrounding him.

Earlier on July 18 KST, an exclusive media outlet reported that it obtained a recording of MC Mong’s private conversation with acquaintances in January of 2022. This media outlet claims that the recording contains ” proof” of MC Mong trying to “recruit” EXO members to the agency Made by a Big Planet.

Before this, MC Mong was involved in rumors that he had a role in the legal dispute that broke out between EXO members. Baekhyun, Xiuminand Chen and SM Entertainment earlier this year. At the time, MC Mong strongly denied any involvement in the issue, and SM Entertainment also confirmed that the suspicions of “third party involvement” in the case of Baekhyun, Xiumin, and Chen were the result of a misunderstanding.

Today, MC Mong’s legal representative revealed a shocking fact, that MC Mong has been the target of constant threats by a former affiliate, ‘Ahn‘.

First, Kohwoo Law Firm said, “On July 18, 2023, various media outlets reported on the alleged voice recording of MC Mong, who commented on EXO members. Kai and Baekhyun while talking to acquaintances. This conversation was illegally recorded in January of 2022, approximately one year and 6 months ago, by an individual ‘Ahn’ without permission, then maliciously edited to be used for purposes threatening ‘Ahn’, who used this recording to threaten MC Mong, was in fact handed over for prosecution for intimidation charges on July 17, 2023. Despite the fact that he was under investigation for bullying case, ‘Ahn’ continues to spread this maliciously edited recording without permission.”

According to the law firm, ‘Ahn’ and MC Mong previously had a disagreement over matters related to another artist in Big Planet Made before MC Mong left the agency. Then, ‘Ahn’ used various methods to threaten both MC Mong and the CEO Park Jang Geun of Big Planet Made for several months, forcing MC Mong to file criminal charges in May of 2023. When faced with a legal investigation, ‘Ahn’ allegedly turned to the media to further threaten MC Mong by spreading rumors about his involvement in EXO-CBX’s legal dispute.

The law firm added, “The recording in question consisted of a 2-hour conversation between several individuals, but it was maliciously edited so that only MC Mong’s voice could be heard. Throughout the conversation, the names of the EXO member Baekhyun and Kai lasted less than 1 minute. Furthermore, this conversation that took place in January of 2022, one year and 6 months ago, had nothing to do with the legal non understanding between EXO-CBX and SM Entertainment that took place in June of 2023.”

MC Mong’s side reconfirmed that he met with the EXO members in January of 2022 privately to advise the members during their contract renewal processes. According to MC Mong, “The members of EXO are not interested in the countless offers they have received from agencies at home and abroad; instead, they want to fulfill their dreams as independent ‘producers’. When hearing the members’ inner thoughts, MC Mong offered them advice over and over again. As a sunbae artist in the industry, any topic that might lead to misunderstandings is avoided.”

Finally, Kohwoo Law Firm stressed, “Despite the fact that MC Mong was briefly suspected of being involved in the EXO-CBX incident in June of 2023, neither MC Mong nor Big Planet Made made any attempt to ‘recruit’ EXO members. More moreover, MC Mong is the same artist managed under Million Market, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, as well as its largest shareholder. Thus, MC Mong and SM Entertainment currently maintain a close relationship as affiliates in the music industry.”

MC Mong’s side intends to pursue further legal action against ‘Ahn’ for continuing to make various threats despite being under investigation.

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