Jessi admits her unexpected feelings about performing at “WATERBOMB Festival”

He shared the reason why he returns year after year.

Veteran soloist Jessi is WATERBOMB Festival royalty after performing as a headlining act every year since its founding in 2015.

Every year, Jessi comes back with a dress on and even reveals that she’s 2018 WATERBOMB Festival clothing”changed the standard” when she became the first performer to wear a bikini.

Jessi at the “2018 WATERBOMB Festival”

This changed the whole standard. I was like, everyone in WATERBOMB is still dressing up [normal], is that right? But I’m like,’WATERBOMB! I’ve been doing this for a long time, might as well wear a f*cking bikini.’ So I was the first to wear a bikini.

— Jessi

Along with her boundary-pushing fashion, Jessi brings her infectious and lively energy to the stage, performing most of her hit songs while fans engage in a friendly water cannon battle.

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WATERBOMB Festival is a highly anticipated event, but in recent years, artists have become more outspoken about the potential dangers they face by participating in the water-based festival.

In his recent video podcast appearance on Dumbfounded‘s Happy with PipiJessi revealed her true feelings at the annual celebration.

So WATER BOMBfor people who aren’t familiar, it’s a summertime festival- a music festival- with water guns and everything, you spray the crowd.

– Staring into nothing

As Dumbfoundead described the celebration, Jessi happily interjected, calling it “the worst,” but for a good reason.

Jessi explains that the festival itself is “nice” and the “amazing” experience, but it poses some potential risks to performing artists.

Oh god, it’s the worst… It’s good, like, the performance of the event is amazing, but the actor— it’s very difficult because everyone in the front row has water guns. These water guns are very accurate.

— Jessi

Many artists have complained about the use of water guns and cannons aimed at the performers. Lee Young Ji and (G) I-DLE‘s Shuhua They talked about water being deliberately sprayed in their eyes during their performances.

Jessi shared the concerns of fellow actors and said audience members sprayed her eyes and nose.

When Dumbfoundead argued that “everyone splashes, it’s a water fest,” Jess happily added that she felt different.

But it seems,’Bruh, I’m performing!‘ And they splash… they spray it directly into your eye. When you come home, you have water in every pore. Everything is wet.

— Jessi

Although it’s not the most comfortable experience, Jessi continues to perform every year because she knows how much fun it is for the fans.

It’s like— it doesn’t feel good. But you know, it’s always fun for people. I do it for people.

— Jessi

In the interview, Jessi opened up about the “boundary-pushing” outfit she wore WATERBOMB Festival which he will never wear again.

See more about that in the article below!

Jessi Falls Into A Boundary-Pushing Outfit She’ll Never Wear Again

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