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These developments in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang and Johor have experienced positive long-term growth mainly due to their first-mover location, connectivity, low-density features and impressive property maintenance.

These projects provide insights into the feasibility of acquiring older high-rise properties for home buyers and investors.

The raw data comes from the Valuation and Property Services Department (JPPH) and is analyzed by PropertyGuru DataSense, the data, analytics and solutions arm of the PropertyGuru Group.

The 10-year time frame was chosen because it aligns with the typical length of an economic cycle, which can span up to a decade.

This period allows to review properties that have experienced the four key stages of an economic cycle – expansion, peak, recession, and trough.

In doing so, the list reflects assets that have shown stability over time and experienced stable capital appreciation.

PropertyGuru Malaysia Country Manager Sheldon Fernandez said that in addition to being strategically located, these values ​​have some similarities.

He explained that most of the projects are decades-old condominiums surrounded by vegetation, some of which stand on high ground.

Moreover, these low-density developments feature well-designed landscapes with garden or resort-style concepts, providing a tranquil living experience.

He added that these properties are well maintained by their respective management committees.

This clearly shows that the long-term value of a property does not only depend on its architecture and extensive facilities, but on how it is maintained over the years.

PropertyGuru Malaysia Country Manager Sheldon Fernandez.

Here is a rundown of the top high-rise residential properties in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang with the highest capital appreciation in 2022 compared to 2012:

Jamnah View Condominium,
Damansara Hill
738 1,435 94.4
Antah Tower,
Kuching Road
252 472 87.3
The Castle 2,
192 346 80.2
Villa OUG Condominium, Taman Yarl,
Old Klang Road
264 447 69.3
Bukit Winner (Winner Heights),
Petaling Village Park
180 285 58.3

Two properties in Kuala Lumpur, Jamnah View (94.4%) and Villa OUG (69.3%), are known for their resort-style atmosphere with expansive landscaped grounds, luxuriously colored palm trees, and resort-like facilities.

Their strategic location also gives residents access to major roads, highways and several MRT nodes for residents to easily commute to major attractions in the city.

Another factor that contributes to the long-term capital growth of both properties is their good maintenance by their respective management committees.

The 30-year-old Jamnah View, in particular, underwent a major renovation last year, resulting in a fresh look and feel.

Aside from amenities and a convenient location, many city dwellers tend to look for properties within quiet settings.

Both Le Chateau 2 and Bukit Winner feature lush greenery that wraps around them with the former overlooking a stretch of undeveloped forest.

Meanwhile, Antah Tower offers a quiet living environment in the heart of the city. Despite being built in the 90s, it has facilities similar to contemporary condominiums and provides an affordable entry point of around RM400,000, making it suitable for small and medium-sized urban families.

Top high-rise properties in Selangor – Old suburban developments near forest reserves remain evergreen.

Villaria, Bukit Antarabangsa,
127 270 112.60
Regency Condominium,
136 271 99.30
Mila Tower House,
It’s huge
186 334 79.60
Beautiful Towers,
216 361 67.10
Sri Permata,
Shah Alam
204 329 61.30

High-rise properties in Selangor surrounded by or close to nature have appreciated greatly over the past decade.

Two condominiums near the Ampang Forest Reserve, Villaria (112.60%) and Menara Indah (67.10%) attract city dwellers who prefer a green living environment, spacious units and contemporary facilities.

Both of these buildings may be dated, but online listings describe neat and homey living spaces, making them ideal for homeowners who prioritize a beautiful environment.

Casa Mila Tower (79.60%), is another resort-style condominium set against the backdrop of the Hutan Lipur Bukit Lagong National Forest, giving its residents the exclusive privilege of enjoying serene views and a serene environment.

Despite being built in 1991, this hillside development offers beautiful landscaping, peaceful surroundings and modern facilities, giving investors the opportunity to purchase and refurbish older units to attract potential homeowners or renters.

Meanwhile, Regency Condominium (99.30%) and Sri Permata (61.30%) offer attractive price ranges, easy access to amenities, direct connectivity to major highways and multiple layout options for both homebuyers and renters.

Top high-rise properties in Penang – Proximity to the ocean brings capital appreciation to the island.

Arena Residence @ The Arena,
New parrot
327 529 61.80
Golf Village,
Bukit Jambul
349 524 50.1
Seaview Garden, Mount Pleasure,
Batu Ferringhi
255 381 49.4
Tanjong Temple
397 593 49.4
Central Park, Green Lane,
Lanchang Hill
331 492 48.6

As a tourist destination, Penang offers sought-after properties that provide access to the state’s natural offerings – beaches and vast green landscapes.

Properties such as Desa Golf (50.1%), Seaview Garden (49.4%) and SkyHome (49.4%) are close to the coastal paradise allowing residents to enjoy a calm and relaxing environment.

Desa Golf offers a captivating view of the Penang Golf Course, while the Seaview Garden is located amidst the lush green hills of Mount Pleasure overlooking the beautiful Penang coastline.

Meanwhile, SkyHome has a specially designed lobby with direct access to the beach.

Other developments, such as Arena Residence (61.80%) and Central Park (48.6%), have good access to major state destinations, major roads, entertainment areas, outlets, facilities, and local markets.

Dining and lifestyle outlets surround the Arena Residence and are within walking distance of the large indoor stadium and integrated convention center.

Its strategic location benefits investors who plan to accommodate tenants looking for short-term accommodation.

Central Park is conveniently located between Georgetown and the Penang Bridge, a good indication for investors looking to attract buyers and tenants to this central location.

Furthermore, the project is close to major amenities such as a hospital and a wet market complex. As a relatively new development completed in 2011, Central Park is a popular choice among homebuyers with families.

Top Properties in Johor – Prime location and accessibility maximize long-term property value.

Octville Condominium,
56 244 335.7
Jentayu Residency,
274 383 39.8
Pelita Indah, Johor
144 201 39.6
Academic Suite,
254 337 32.7
Once Halimah,
220 276 25.5

Johor Bahru properties also offer a range of amenities, easy access to major roads, and a variety of facilities to suit different preferences.

Octville Condominium (335.7%) is a resort-like development in the well-established township enclave of Bandar Baru Seri Alam.

Many of its units are recently renovated and fully equipped with modern offerings — a potential opportunity for home buyers and investors.

Octville Condominiums may also attract a wider group of tenants who work at nearby public universities.

Meanwhile, Jentayu Residensi (39.8%) is a relatively new development with well-maintained and fully-furnished units.

This project caters well to middle-income households due to its location near two established neighborhoods, Bandar Uda Baru and Larkin, and it can be accessed via the Second Malaysia-Singapore link and Jalan Skudai.

Akademik Suite (32.7%) is a project located in another prime location, Taman Mount Austin, where it is close to a water-themed amusement park and a convention center.

This positions the service residence as a short-term stay option for travelers.

Two properties near the Johor-Singapore border, Pelita Indah (39.6%) and Datin Halimah Condominium (25.5%) have also appreciated greatly over the past decade.

Pelita Indah is 10 minutes from the Customs, Immigration, and Quarantine Complex (CIQ) and 3.2 km from the upcoming Rapid Transit System.

Datin Halimah Condominium is just 10 minutes away from the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway link and is close to a KTM station and Larkin Sentral.

Although completed in 1999, this project has been well received by its residents for its excellent maintenance. Furthermore, there are upcoming plans by the management committee to refurbish the building site.

Sheldon notes that effective property maintenance is essential to enhancing the value of a property. Comprehensive care of a property not only increases its viability but also ensures its durability over time.

He said, this is the reason why strata homeowners should be aware of their duties and responsibilities.

By actively attending annual general meetings and appointing trusted members of the management committee, homeowners can greatly influence the direction and effectiveness of property maintenance.

This level of involvement ensures that the high-rise receives the attention and expertise necessary for its upkeep, resulting in a well-maintained and attractive property.

PropertyGuru Malaysia Country Manager Sheldon Fernandez.

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