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PETALING JAYA, July 17 — It’s not every day you hear that nasi lemak served with pork so my friends and I were incredibly keen to try Porking Mad’s nasi lemak located at Chuan Lee Restaurant.

A friend even made the effort to drive from Cheras to Petaling Jaya through the massive morning traffic.



Sadly his efforts, which involved being stuck for an hour and in traffic, went in vain as the coffee shop took a break without notice for two days.

After stalking the coffee shop, I finally got to try the food at the one-month old stall opened by Denis, who used to be a chef at various restaurants and even at Le Meridien hotel.

He started Porking Mad in 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, where he offered various pork dishes for sale.

This includes Ceylonese pork varuval, spicy fried porkpig shady and even Korean inspired pork ribs.

Denis who started Porking Mad during the Covid-19 lockdown is now running it as a full-time business

The coffee shop is popular with visitors to the nearby hospital and people living around the area

Previously, it was strictly a part time gig but this year, he decided to make it full time. He started with a stall in Puchong but take-up was slow, so he moved to Chuan Lee Restaurant in June this year.

It’s a perfect match because the coffee shop doesn’t have a nasi lemak vendor. Patrons of this popular place, usually those visiting the nearby hospital, will order pork noodles, char kway teow and yong tau foo here.

You will get it nasi lemak with a choice of pork shady, spicy fried pork or pork varuval. It costs RM12. If you don’t like pork, there is that too nasi lemak together shredded chicken for RM10.

Get your pork varuval and spiced fried pork with nasi lemak at Porking Mad

If you just prefer the nasi lemakit is RM4.50.

At the stall, I tried their best selling pork varuval and a mix of spicy fried pork. It was a generous portion of meat served with my nasi lemak.

You can’t find the pig varuval too spicy. Maybe it has been tweaked to suit the people who enjoy it. The meat is cut into chunky pieces, making it incredibly filling for breakfast.

On paper, the spicy fried pork looks interesting because it is meant to be a version of spicy fried chicken but it lacks the punchy herbs to make it a toothsome accompaniment nasi lemak.

You can even get luncheon meat in your nasi lemak, if you want (left). Marinated pieces of pork are fried until golden for babi goreng berempah (right)

It’s still good to crunch since I won’t say no to deep fried pork.

I decided to try the other dishes at home, namely pork shady and the chicken variant.

I prefer pork shady as it has a slightly spicier and creamier flavor with the gravy coating each piece of pork. The portions were also generous, filling a quarter of my plate.

For shredded chickenthe gravy is tasty and the meat is tender but I wish the flavor was infused more with the chicken.

The only thing that wasn’t pork was a creamy ayam rendang paired with that fragrant rice and sambal

What I liked was the nasi lemak to oneself. Usually places that serve pork with nasi lemak there is a tendency to serve plain white rice or rice with a little coconut milk, as this is aimed at a Chinese audience. So I was delighted that this rice was incredibly fragrant with the scent of kaffir lime leaves with a subtle touch of coconut milk to give it a slight richness.

Even the sambal was good, not too spicy but fragrant and well cooked. They don’t give you much of it and you probably won’t miss it either because there’s a small mountain of pork served with your nasi lemak.

You get a choice of hard boiled egg or fried egg in yours nasi lemak. If you love oozy yolks, opt for the fried egg for the golden rich liquid mixed with fragrant rice.

Porking Mad has taken over the former nasi lemak stall inside this coffee shop

There is ample seating around the corner restaurant offering a cozy atmosphere

I can imagine this nasi lemak to be perfect for a takeaway lunch especially when you are slogging in the office, because the meat will keep your stomach full and happy until dinner time.

If you want to order only pork dishes, they occasionally open bulk orders, so check with them through their social media for announcements.

Porking Mad Nasi Lemak Stall, Chuan Lee Restaurant, 5, Jalan Bukit 11/2, Section 11, Petaling Jaya. Open: 8am to 2pm or until the food is finished. Days off are not fixed. Instagram: @porkingmad Facebook: Whatsapp contact: +6017-2083103.

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