Fans Slammed JYP After He Made ITZY Tear While Recording A Song

Fans didn’t appreciate JYP’s strict attitude.

In an unprecedented display of fan fury, social media erupted following the recent release of ITZYThe 27-minute documentary is titled “Kill My Doubt.” The documentary, which gives viewers an intimate look at the making of their pre-debut single “Bet On Me,” quickly sparked controversy as it showed the members of ITZY in tears in the recording studio.

Lia while recording. | ITZY/YouTube

The tears seem to be the result of the intense pressure that JYP (also known as Park Jinyoung) — the CEO of ITZY’s label as well as the song’s producer — put on the members.

The revealing documentary showed a detailed account of the popular girl group’s journey from their boxing class preparation for the music video to the actual shooting. An emotional climax was reached during the recording session, where a visibly frustrated JYP was seen pushing Yeji and Lia to their limits.

JYP during recording. | ITZY/YouTube
JYP during recording. | ITZY/YouTube

In the controversial segment of the documentary, Yeji and Lia can be seen in the recording booth with JYP on the other side of the mirror, giving direction. JYP, who was obviously frustrated, repeated their sections several times, his demeanor becoming more and more angry. According to fans, instead of giving constructive advice or supporting the members in fine-tuning their vocals, he seemed to force a certain sound from the young stars.

Lia seems to be wiping away tears while recording. | ITZY/YouTube
Yeji bowed when JYP entered the booth. | ITZY/YouTube

JYP’s strict approach during the recording process led to both Yeji and Lia growing visibly anxious and agitated, eventually becoming teary-eyed. Fans around the world were quick to jump to the girls’ defense, criticizing JYP’s behavior, questioning his methods, and even challenging his abilities as a producer.

One fan argued, “If you’re making your own artist anxious and in tears leaving the studio, then you’re a sh*t producer.” This sentiment was echoed on various online platforms as fans rallied behind the ITZY members, stressing the importance of nurturing a positive work environment.

Some fans have even made comparisons to the producer’s line Stray Kids3Racha — composed of bang chan, Changbinand He — who were praised for never having any of their members get angry during recording. The comment “JYP has absolutely no soft skills, don’t be afraid to admit it,” highlighting dissatisfaction with JYP’s approach to guiding ITZY members.

The controversy surrounding JYP’s methods is not a new phenomenon. He has long been criticized for pushing his unique singing style on his artists, which fans believe does not always complement the individual artists’ unique strengths. This recent incident has once again brought this criticism to the fore.

Others emphasized the need for constructive criticism rather than unnecessarily harsh criticism.

The sentiment from the fans is clear – they believe that gentleness is needed in teaching and guiding artists instead of tears and stress. The incident, captured in the ITZY documentary, highlighted the growing calls for a positive work environment for idols and the importance of appropriate communication in the artist-producer dynamic.

You can watch the full “Kill My Doubt” documentary here:

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