Fans praise Cakra Khan for ‘beautiful’ song as Timothy Fletcher wows AGT judges

‘Toxic culture’ in AGT

Former AGT judges Gabrielle Union and Julianne Hough reportedly left due to a “toxic culture” on the show, as stated in a 2019 Variety report.

The judges expressed concerns about offensive incidents, including one involving Jay Leno, a popular late-night host.

The union, in particular, advocated for the show’s minority staff and urged the producers to report the offensive joke to NBC human resources.

There were also claims that Union received insensitive criticism about her hair, with comments suggesting it was “too black” for the show’s viewers.

Representatives for NBC and AGT producer Freemantle denied the allegations, emphasizing the show’s history of inclusivity and diversity.

The secret formula: What makes AGT’s performance stand out

Each season of America’s Got Talent, we are treated to a stunning display of talent and creativity. But what sets some performances apart from the rest?

First, it’s about uniqueness. Whether it’s an unconventional gesture or a new take on a traditional talent, originality gets our attention.

Second, emotions play an important role. Connecting with the audience on a deep level leaves a lasting impact.

Finally, an AGT audition website suggests “dress to impress.” While being comfortable in your clothes is important, showing your personality through them is just as important.

AGT performers who embody these elements leave an indelible mark, reminding us of them long after the show is over.

How much do AGT judges earn?

AGT has featured a variety of famous judges throughout its history, including Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and more.

These judges bring their expertise, charisma, and personality to the panel. But how much is paid in their contributions?

While specific details regarding individual salaries have not been made public, it is reported that AGT judges receive substantial compensation for their appearances.

According to various sources and industry reports, AGT judges can earn between $10million to $25million per season.

The huge salary reflects the importance of the judges to the success of the show, as they are not only responsible for evaluating and criticizing the contestants but also for entertaining the audience with their witty remarks and charming personalities. .

Fans worry for Simon Cowell, part of two

AGT judge Simon Cowell has had health concerns in the past, crashing his bike several times.

Cowell’s crashes resulted in a broken arm, concussion and broken back, all of which he has since recovered from.

Fans are worried for Simon Cowell

Following a new clip from Season 18 of AGT, fans noticed a change in Simon Cowell’s voice and expressed concern.

Under the video clip, the fan asked: “This question is for anyone who went to the tapings for the Season 18 Audition, Can you explain why Simon’s voice sounds raspy in this promo video?”

Someone replied to them, explaining: “Yeah the first half of tapings his voice was completely gone, the second half it recovered but for a few days it was still really raspy.”

‘Its Not Fair’ fans complain about contestant qualifications

Many kids auditioned for Season 18 and lead the Golden Buzzers.

“I would appreciate an AGT Kids… the cuteness factor is blinding the judges and it’s not fair to the other older contestants,” said a fan.

Many people agreed with them and said they were “right” and that the kids “shouldn’t have an act in Vegas.”

One fan asked: “Can we put a minimum age on this show so parents stop abusing their kids?”

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