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The Sabah state government has introduced the first electric bus service in Kota Kinabalu, aiming to reduce carbon emissions.

Electric bus pilot program launched in Kota Kinabalu

The Sabah state government has taken a big step towards sustainable transport with the official launch of its pilot program for an electric bus service in Kota Kinabalu. Originally planned for a debut in December, the program experienced a slight delay due to technical reasons.

The pilot program, which spans six months, features an electric bus capable of transporting 54 passengers. e-BusKK, as it is officially known, will operate on an 8.3km route connecting Sepanggar and Menara Kinabalu in the downtown area of ​​Kota Kinabalu.

e-BusKK pilot program and features

Electric bus pilot program launched in Kota Kinabalu

Sabah’s landmark e-BusKK pilot program is now in full swing, as the state government embraces sustainable transport to combat carbon emissions.

Led by Qhazanah Sabah Berhad (QSB), the government’s strategic investment arm, the electric bus service is a collaborative effort with Gemilang Coachwork Sdn Bhd, known for its expertise in manufacturing electric buses and aluminum bus bodies.

This initial pilot program lasts six months and is currently operated by an electric bus. The vehicle has a seating capacity for 54 passengers and is carefully equipped to enhance passenger comfort and safety.

Electric bus pilot program launched in Kota Kinabalu

It features a ramp for easy access for the elderly and disabled, CCTV cameras for monitoring passenger safety, a GPS system for navigation, and an onboard driver monitoring system.

The e-BusKK route covers an 8.3km stretch connecting Sepanggar and Menara Kinabalu to the bustling downtown area of ​​Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah. The service is provided free of charge to the public throughout the pilot program, allowing citizens to experience and evaluate the benefits of electric public transportation.

Sabah’s green initiatives and future expansion

Electric bus pilot program launched in Kota Kinabalu

The introduction of the e-BusKK pilot program marks the Sabah state government’s dedication to sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions in Kota Kinabalu. As part of its long-term vision, Sabah aims to achieve carbon neutrality in the city by 2050, taking significant steps towards environmental protection.

The e-BusKK pilot program serves as an important assessment to determine the feasibility and feasibility of electric buses as an integral part of the state’s public transportation system. This initiative complements existing public transport options while paving the way for a greener and more eco-friendly future.

The executive director of Qhazanah Sabah Berhad (QSB), Mohd Shukor Abdul Mumin, expressed optimism about the success of the e-BusKK pilot program. Once the testing phase is over, the plan is to expand the electric bus service to other districts within Sabah.

Next year, when e-BusKK begins full operation, Qhazanah aims to introduce between five to 20 electric buses to boost public transport services in the state.

In recent times, several other cities in Malaysia have also adopted electric buses, integrating them into their public transport systems. Notably, Kuching, Johor Bahru, Melaka, and Taiping have launched trials for electric buses, reinforcing the country’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

The Sabah state government’s pioneering e-BusKK program marks a significant milestone in the journey towards sustainable and environmentally conscious public transport in Kota Kinabalu.

The success of this program is expected to pave the way for further expansion, with plans to introduce more electric buses across Sabah next year.

Sabah’s green initiatives, along with similar efforts in other Malaysian cities, demonstrate the country’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and improving public transportation systems for a greener and more sustainable future.

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