Controversial YouTube channel Sojang’s disappearance mystery solved as Starship issues update on legal action against malicious online attackers

The mystery behind the sudden disappearance of a major controversial YouTube channel Soong was resolved, as a result of an official statement issued by Starship Entertainment on July 25 KST.

Sojang is known by K-Pop fans in Korea and abroad as a malicious YouTube channel that creates and spreads numerous accounts of rumors, unconfirmed accusations, and fabricated stories for views. Malicious attacks, defamation, and defamation against K-Pop artists and Korean entertainment figures have gone unabated for nearly 2 years.

Then, in June of this year, the YouTube channel was suddenly “hacked”, then deleted, for unknown reasons. A few days later, an individual claiming to be the owner of the channel came forward with a lengthy statement apologizing for all the damage they had done over the years. Interestingly, in this statement, the owner of Sojang singled out IVE member Jang Won Young by apologizing for his “mental suffering“.

Then, on July 25 KST, IVE’s label Starship Entertainment released the following statement through its official SNS platforms, confirming that the agency was able to order Sojang’s owner to submit their personal information to the court in order to respond to various suspected accounts of malicious online crimes.

You can read Starship’s full statement, below.

“Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We notify you about updates on the agency’s legal action against the violation of the rights of our artists.

Starship continues to respond with strict legal action against all accounts of malicious defamation, spreading false rumors, content containing personal attacks, defamation of character, and malicious comments found online and on SNS.

In October of 2022, the agency pursued civil complaints against chronically malicious commenters, resulting in sentences such as 6 months in prison, employment restrictions, and registration as sex offenders. Since November of 2022, the agency has pursued civil and criminal lawsuits in Korea and abroad against YouTube channel Sojang (Tal-deok Camp) in consultation with LIWU Law Group (Lawyer Jung Kyung Seok). In May of 2023, the US District Court for The Northern District of California issued an information provision, calling on the Google Headquarters located in the US to search and obtain relevant information about Sojang’s owner by July of 2023. However, coincidentally during this time, when Google issued a notice about providing information, Sojang was suddenly ‘hacked’ and all videos on the channel were deleted. The account itself was subsequently deleted, followed by the posting of an apology.

It is a well-known fact that Sojang is heavily slandering IVE members by constantly spreading false rumors, thereby interfering with our agency’s business; the anonymous individual who claimed to be the owner of Sojang in the online community Nate Pann also admitted to doing such activities. Despite the recent posting of a statement of apology or its authenticity and/or intent, Starship Entertainment intends to ensure that this individual faces all civil and criminal consequences for past illegal activities.

The agency is currently working to get the personal information of not only Sojang, but many other ‘cyber wreckers’ rampaging online. While the agency has continued to pursue legal action against these ‘cyber wreckers’ in the past, such legal cases have ended without resolution due to the inability to obtain personal information about the criminals. Starship Entertainment has now acted in consultation with the LIWU Law Group to make the acquisition of such personal information possible, and thus, it is in the agency’s interest to proceed and seek legal responsibility from these ‘cyber wreckers’.

Finally, Starship Entertainment operates a regular monitoring system to protect our agency’s artists, their private lives, their character, and their rights. We intend to seek all possible avenues of legal action against any and all accounts of defamation and damages against our artists now and in the future.

Because fan-submitted information is very helpful in preparing for legal complaints, we ask that you continue to report suspicious activity.

Thank you.”

In light of Starship Entertainment’s recent statement, many netizens are amazed at the agency’s tenacity to take its legal action seriously.

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