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For the first time ever, Taiwanese group WOLF(S) (五堅情) came to our shores and gave us an epic night like no other. Having had the chance to experience it at the Mega Star Arena KL last weekend, we had a great time with fellow Malaysian fans.

Although this may be the group’s first time in Malaysia, members Nine Chen (陳零九), Kenny Khoo (邱鋒澤), Wayne Huang Weijin (黃偉晉), Lai (賴晏駒) and SHOU (婁峻碩) , left everything behind. the stage and even expressed the feeling of our country as their second home. Of course, the local fans responded to their passion with equal enthusiasm, giving both parties a night to remember. Here’s what went down:

The lights went down and the band took the stage; cheers erupted as the “Moon Landing (月面着陆)” concert officially began. When the dancers took the stage for their second song, “Modern Love (速食愛情)”, fans were given a sneak peak of the energetic performance that would continue throughout the night. We sat on the edge of our seats, knowing we were in for a treat!

The entire evening was filled with a combination of excitement and touching moments. Although WOLF(S) has released many songs as a group, they are also one of the few groups where each individual has also developed their solo careers. Each member of the group took the stage one after the other, showcasing the different dynamics of their music. Witnessing the different sides shown by the members was truly eye-opening!

The first to hit us with a soothing performance was nine. With the song, “Miss You? (不是你了)”, we shook our heads while taking in the deep meaning of the lyrics. The switch up is real then! Lai took the stage in a stunning dress (which she later revealed was custom-made just for this concert) and brought us a powerful show with three of her hot songs, “Boy Toy”, “Pxxsy Gun (娘娘槍) and “None of My Business (乾我什麼事)”. Lai ended her session singing “Perfect Clown” with the hope of touching people’s hearts and encouraging them to be themselves in this difficult world. Lai shows that she can be fierce and dance at home, but also has a weak side.

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Following the first 2 solo acts, the venue was serenaded by Wayne’s unique voice as he took the stage to sing “Still Alone (我還一个個人)” and “Unspoken (潛台詞)”. Some fans were even moved to tears when she appeared under the soft spotlight delivering the story through her voice. Aside from his muscular biceps, this sexy hunk also showed that he can captivate the entire venue with his soothing vocals.

After the lights dimmed as Wayne gracefully finished his second song, WOLF(S) walked out on stage one by one and sat on the sidelines. The audience took out their phones and turned on their flashlights gently waving them around, creating a sea of ​​light as the members sang “No Boundaries (零使用)” together.

The main highlight of the concert was the series of songs lined up for Malaysia as it was WOLF(S)’s 3rd anniversary since their debut. Malaysian fans are honored to be with them in their 3rd anniversary celebration. From 5 different songs performed by each member, it led to Threee Production (3P) emerging on stage bringing a thrilling show. They performed “Oh My Mother” aka Wo De Ma Ya (我的妈呀) with WOLF(S) and later their catchy hit “Pa Sang Anthem” aka Klang (巴生榮耀之歌)

After a short intermission, the last two members who didn’t have time to shine took the stage one by one. SHOU showed off his rapping and rocker skills with “We Know” and “Abyss (深淵)”, and had the crowd singing along with “Colourful”. WOLF(S) leader, Kenny, was the last individual to stand on stage and when he did, the Malaysian fans screamed (the loudest) in response. He hyped up the stage with his newly released song, “Find Me (會手机我)”. The excitement never subsided as Lai joined him to perform “Never Enough (邊緣人格)”, and ended his part with one of their classics, “Werewolves (天黑請閉眼)”. We were impressed not only by his versatility, but also by his adorable charm.

After that, all the members came out on stage. They sang “Be A Liar” as they were showered with sparks and confetti, marking the end of their time spent with Malaysian fans. However, let’s not forget their epic encore. The down-to-earth Taiwanese group wandered through the audience, melting fans’ hearts as they got to see them up close and personal.

Following this, they invited their second special guest on stage, and you’d never guess WHO o What this is. From below, an adorable cake with an astronaut sitting on a moon joined them on stage. It was to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, and they did it with Malaysian fans. Last but not least, each member shared their thoughts about their third year together as a group. Most of them tear up as they think about how far they have come. “Thank you to everyone who gave us this stage,” she said.

We’re sure that if there was a rewind button in life, many WOLF(S) fans would give their all to relive the night. Truly an unforgettable night filled with laughter and tears. Happy 3rd anniversary WOLF(S)! Thank you so much for spending your anniversary with us! And as you promised, we look forward to your next visit here!

This article was contributed by Amelia Er.

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