KDN: Xpats gateway offers easier, faster work pass application


KUALA LUMPUR: The Xpats Gateway, which was launched on June 15, is one of the government’s initiatives to make the application process for expatriate jobs more efficient, easy and faster.

Deputy Secretary-General (Policy and Control) of the Home Ministry (KDN), Dr Abdul Gapar Abu Bakar, said the gateway brings together approval and regulatory agencies related to expatriate work under one platform, proving an effective and faster end-to-end process.

He said companies hiring expatriates can access the Xpats Gateway on the website esd.imi.gov.my to obtain letters of support from relevant agencies and then get approval for expatriate work through the same platform.

“Expatriate applications will be divided into two tracks; the fast track, which takes five working days; and the normal track, which takes 15 working days, starting from the time the complete application is received in the system until the application decision is issued and the work pass is issued.

“Prior to this, companies had to submit applications to their respective regulatory agencies to obtain letters of support before proceeding with the application to the approval agencies. Previously this process took two to four months to be approved,” he said in an exclusive interview with Bernama recently.

Abdul Gapar said that the applying companies will also be categorized based on a tiering system where companies with good reputation, prominent position, high capital, and no violations under any Acts will be placed in Tier 1 and 2, and will go through the fast track.

“Sectors categorized by approval agencies/regulatory bodies as critical, based on company projects, investment value, skills, niche technologies, and new industries, will also go through the fast track, while other companies will follow the normal track,” he explained.

Abdul Gapar said the initiative is a collective commitment from various ministries and agencies led by the Ministry of Economy and coordinated by the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC).

“The Xpats Gateway initiative represents the government’s commitment to digitize public services while facilitating the industrial sector with ease of doing business.

“The KDN is responsible for expatriate-related policies, and the Immigration Department is responsible for issuing passes to expatriates, along with other relevant ministries and agencies involved in this initiative,” he said.

Abdul Gapar said that all the manual processes that were carried out before have been replaced by an online system, resulting in significant savings in terms of paper and time, as well as reducing the risk of document misplacement.

“This initiative also enhances the transparency of the process, as everything is done online. Only complete applications will be processed and reviewed, and only those with letters of support from agencies will proceed to the next stage for approval of expatriates and issuance of work passes,” he said.

He also said that more agencies are expected to participate in the second phase of Xpats Gateway implementation, starting August 15, which will benefit a wider range of sectors.

“I hope that the implementation of the initiative will meet the needs and demands of the industries involved in facilitating the application process to obtain approval for foreigners to enter our country, which will ultimately boost the confidence of foreign investors to come and invest in Malaysia.

“The influx of foreign investments into the country is very important for economic recovery after COVID-19 and will further support the local economy as many job opportunities will be offered to locals,” he added.-Bernama

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