Another “Unacceptable” Video Of A Rookie Girl Group Being “Disrespected” At A Music Show Performance Gets Attention

It has recently become a hot topic online!

Music shows are just part of K-Pop culture. Almost every day, fans can sit back and watch artists promote their latest songs in front of their fans.

BTS when promoting “Yet To Come” | @bts_bighit/Twitter
BLACKPINK members promoting “Shut Down” on “Inkigayo” | @sbskpop/Twitter

While music shows are the perfect way to watch groups perform, performances from rookie groups are starting to go viral after netizens see “disrespect” from the audience.

Earlier in the week, another video gained attention showing the rookie girl group stoneperformance of. In the clip, fans were distracted and tried to get the attention of other idols who were waiting to perform while the members were on stage.

However, it seems that another group gained attention after their own treatment while recording, and it was none other than KISS OF LIFE.

The members of KISS OF LIFE | @KISSOFLIFE_S2/Twitter

Since debuting at the beginning of the month, the group has always garnered a lot of attention and shocked netizens with their unreal talent.

However, they seem to have suffered a similar fate to Lapillus during a recent music show performance.

While the group was mentioned along with Lapillus in the initial comments, a full video of the girls’ performance began to gain attention online. Just like the previous video, KISS OF LIFE enjoys the stage and puts on the best performance they can.

Like last time, some of the audience’s attention seems to be shifting to the idols away from the stage.

This time, along with their skepticism, it seems that the audience started cheering for the other idols as many were seen making noise, and the sound levels seemed to increase.

However, while the clip seems to parallel the treatment Lapillus received, the new clip shows it in more detail as it has sound.

On TikTok, the entire clip shows the audience clamoring for another group to appear. While turning your attention to another artist is hard to see, hearing the sounds of fans cheering for someone else is even worse.


they should think loud is for them ???????? #kissoflife #fyp #kpopfyp #kpopidol #kpopers #foryou #kpop

♬ original sound – Blackswan_Lumina – Blackswan_Lumina

The comments were filled with sympathetic and angry fans when the video was released. Many fans thought that KISS OF LIFE was excited to hear the screams from the fans only to be disappointed after realizing that it wasn’t for them.

However, while it was assumed that the fans were there for ZEROBASEONE, many pointed out that it was not the fault of the members. If they are going to perform after the group, the members have to be on standby to get ready to go on stage.

In particular, the two groups recently collaborated on a TikTok challenge.


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♬ In Bloom (short ver.) – ZEROBASEONE

While most groups have an entire audience of fans, this is not always the case for smaller groups. With more and more videos going viral, netizens believe that something needs to be done because it will only continue and affect rookie groups.

You can read more about the difficulties below.

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