7 Soft And Pretty Girl Group Songs To Add To Your Playlist

K-pop girl groups are known for many concepts and genres of music. From time to time, they completely surprise the listeners with the most feminine and lovely songs to completely contrast some of their fierce songs. Here are some of the more melodic and chill songs from girl groups that showcase their soft and beautiful vocals and overall sound!

NewJeans – “Super Shy”

Relax with the soft and catchy “Super Shy.” This bubblegum electronic single is adorably sweet and pretty with its relaxing melody. “Super Shy” is about feeling nervous and unsure when falling in love for the first time. It refers to the feeling a person can get when trying to find the courage to confess their feelings. Enjoy this one on a long summer road trip, and don’t forget to bring your closest friends!

fifty fifty – “Cupid”

Gorgeous is the best word to describe the soothing voices of the women in “Cupid.” This pop single expertly mixes disco, synth, and bubblegum pop. The lyrics in “Cupid” express a person’s unrequited love. They feel less intelligent for falling in love in the first place. This is a very easy song to listen to on a quiet night at home. Play it in the background to set a cool atmosphere.

TWICE – “No Alcohol”

Take your next vacation with this laid-back single. The tropical island vibes are undeniable in this song which is categorized under the classic Brazilian Bossa nova genre. “Alcohol Free” expresses the feeling of being drunk on love instead of alcohol. When you are with a lover, they are intoxicating like an alcoholic drink. As you relax on the beach, turn on this song to complete your ideal day.

f(x) – “4 Walls”

Refined vocals are on full display on f(x)’s “4 Walls.” Each member is given a chance to express themselves in a soft and beautiful way with this house music song. “4 Walls” expresses a person’s feelings when they fall in love unexpectedly. The song goes on to mention their confused feelings that followed. This is a chill song to play at your next beach summer party or barbecue. You can’t help but fall in love with the tropical and deep melody of the house music genre.

Red Velvet – “One Of These Nights”

Sweet sounds come from Red Velvet’s slow and catchy track. The R&B and ballad single is perfect for those new to K-pop. The lyrics to “One Of These Nights” are inspired by a Korean folk tale about royalty and a lowly cowherd who fall in love. Their love story continued that they were not allowed to marry. It’s the perfect background music for any night of the week.

ITZY – “Trust Me (MIDZY)”

This R&B and soul single warms hearts and helps listeners unwind after a stressful day. “Trust Me (MIDZY)” is a song dedicated to ITZY fans. The lyrics share their love and appreciation for their supporters, whose official fan club name is MIDZY. It’s the perfect song to enjoy with fellow K-pop fans at a fun gathering. When idols show love to their fans, it’s the sweetest and most beautiful thing in the world!

(G)I-DLE – “Get It Right”

The best chill song from (G)I-DLE is one where their vocals are given the spotlight! “Put It Straight” is categorized under the ballad genre with sad elements, but it’s one of their softest singles due to its minimal music and catchy sweet vocals. “Put It Straight” expresses heartbreak after a breakup. The song possesses healing powers by allowing the listener to release negative energy. This is the best track to listen to if you’re going through a breakup. Have a good shout and experience the easy-listening ballad.

Hey Soompiers, which K-pop single is your favorite? Are there any songs you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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