6 Korean Stars Who Had To Cut Ties With Family Members Who Betrayed Them

The ongoing feud of the late veteran actress Choi Jin SilHis family members shocked the country. Daughter of the actress, Choi Jun Hee, made headlines after it was reported that he called the police on his grandmother for trespassing. In the following days, accusations came from both sides. Jun Hee proved her claims by posting shocking videos on her social media, showing her grandmother’s abusive behavior.

Choi Jun Hee | @1_6_9._9/Instagram

The public was horrified after discovering the truth, such family conflicts exposed to the public are not uncommon in the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Park Soo Hong

Comedian Park Soog Hong

Comedian Park Soo Hong appointed his brother as his manager, and he maintained the role for nearly 30 years since his debut. Later, it was reported that Park was shocked to discover that most of the earnings during those long years mostly went to his brother’s family and nephew. The comedian learned the truth while verifying a corporation founded by his brother and later filed a lawsuit. Her brother and her brother’s wife were indicted on embezzlement charges, and Park said they laundered about ₩6.20 billion KRW (about $4.88 million USD) in appearance fees over ten years .


HA:TFELT | @hatfelt/Instagram

Soloist and ex Wonder Girls member HA: TFELTalso known by his real name Park Yeeunwent public with her feud with her father on a Channel A show Golden Clinic by Dr. oh. The singer shared that his father abused his position as a pastor and raised about ₩20.0 billion KRW (about $15.8 million USD) to invest in an entertainment venture. But he was later sued by members of the congregation for embezzling those funds. The singer admitted that despite being away from his father, his financial problems have greatly affected his life.

3. Han So Hee

When Han So Hee began to rise to stardom in the The World Of Couples in 2020, a sudden blow to his career came from an online post claiming that his mother had cheated someone out of their money.

Han So Hee | @xeesoxee/Instagram

The actress had to publicly apologize for the issue. He revealed that his mother had been less involved in his life since he was five years old, and that he grew up mostly with his grandparents. Han So Hee says that her mother has been borrowing money in her name for a long time, and even though she tried to pay it all off at first, the amount got out of control because her mother never stopped taking loans under his daughter’s name.

The actress’ agency noted in an official statement that Han So Hee’s mother was borrowing money from a bank account under her daughter’s name, which was created when she was a minor. Eventually the actress was cleared of legal charges, and people also realized that she had no part in these financial scams.

4. Kang Min Kyung

Kang Min Kyung | @iammingki/Instagram

In February 2023, reports surfaced saying that Davichi member to Kang Min Kyung the father and brother were reported to the Busan Yeonje Police Station by a total of 19 investors. The claimants put their money into the real estate development company run by the father-son duo. But the project did not have a proper development plan and was stalled for over six years. But the real estate company is contractually obliged to pay their investors who doubt their initial investment amount if the promised development is not completed within two years. However, neither the father nor the son kept that promise.

After the news broke, Kang Min Kyung faced a massive backlash from the public. His agency, WAKEONE, issued a statement defending the singer. It mentions that Kang had to deal with difficult situations due to his father’s financial problems before, and he even paid off his debts before, showing consideration for the victims. But he has cut off all contact with her and has never been involved in her business.

5. Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo

In 2019, it was reported that to Kim Hye Soo mom borrowed ₩1.30 billion KRW (about $1.02 million USD) from acquaintances but never paid them back. The veteran actress admitted this and revealed her bad estrangement from her mother.

He revealed that in the past, he had to pour all his possessions to pay for his mother’s debut around 2012. Since then, Kim has cut all ties with her.

6. Kim Wan Sun

Kim Wan Sun is a legendary pop artist in Korea. She is often referred to as the “Korean Madonna” for her widespread popularity and impact in the ’80s and ’90s.

Kim Wan Sun | @kimwansunflower/Instagram

Kim debuted in 1986 and is actively promoting today. Despite having a successful career, the singer never received any of his earnings between 1986 and 1998, when his aunt Han Baek Hee was his manager. The singer herself revealed that since she debuted at a young age, she has not been well educated financially and has trusted her aunt with her money. For several years he even restricted his spending greatly at the behest of his aunt.

A young Kim Wan Sun

Most of Kim Wan Sun’s earnings during that time went to his aunt and her husband, who used it to pay off their debts and spent an additional ₩1.40 billion KRW (about $1.10 million USD) to invest in their businesses. . The betrayal left a deep emotional wound on the singer, who, to this day, struggles to come to terms with it.

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