2PM’s Lee Junho Challenges Directions For “King The Land,” Makes Personal Changes To His Character

K-Drama King of the Land the audience loves the male lead, but he’s an actor 2PM‘s June (also known as Lee Jun Ho) has a big part in it.

Junho as Gu Won

JTBCThe new romantic comedy K-Drama King of the Land became a worldwide hit as audiences watched the charming hotelier Cheon Sa Rang (played by Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, also known as Lim Yoon A or Im Yoon Ah) and King Hotel’s handsome heir and general manager Gu Won (Junho) gradually fall in love over time. K-Drama fans love the classic “old-school rom-com vibes.”

In the midst of a tense inheritance battle, an attractive heiress clashes with her hard-working employee known for her irresistible smile — which she can’t stand.

— Netflix

YoonA (left) and Junho (right)

King of the Land viewers had endless praise for Junho’s character Gu Won. They appreciated that he didn’t really have a denial phase when he found out that he had feelings for Sa Rang.

Additionally, he demonstrated all the Love Languages. He is the standard!

Even the first kiss scene received rave reviews as viewers were surprised that Gu Won asked for permission. Although it sounds like the lowest, this is rare in K-Dramas, especially historically, as toxic male leads used to dominate.

Now, we can’t help but wonder if Gu Won is the walking green flag that he is, thanks to Junho himself after the behind-the-scenes footage was released.


In Episode 9, Gu Won and Sa Rang try to navigate their relationship after their first kiss. She doesn’t want to leave his side, not even at work, but she asks him to leave because her co-workers are uncomfortable. He was hurt, and later he tried to make it up to her by working aegyo, but he continued sulking.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Junho let his character down about his character when he was given directions he didn’t agree with. Although Gu Won may have been angry at the moment, Junho didn’t want him to raise his voice towards Sa Rang or be violent in any way.

…but that is too aggressive. I am concerned about two things. I like [the scene] not to be violent, and I also don’t want to raise my voice too much.

– June

The director agreed. So, they tried alternatives, such as spinning out of Sa Rang’s reach, grabbing his arm, and throwing his arms.

Director: You’re right. Let’s try it.

June: Should I try to lower my arm like this?

The clip went viral on 93.2K views at the time of writing. King of the Land the audience had an epiphany. Gu Won stands out from other K-Drama male leads because of Junho’s input and directions.

Gu Won was easily portrayed as the stereotypical toxic chaebol male lead, especially back then King of the LandThe story has such a classic K-Drama vibe. However, he rarely exhibits such behaviors. Never did he forcefully grab her by the wrist or suddenly kiss her without permission. Even though the story is an enemy-to-lover, he doesn’t like Sa Rang in the first couple of episodes! Even then, he was not cruel to her.

So many of Gu Won’s actions have been noticed throughout King the Land that viewers are now asking, “Is that Gu Won or Junho?”

Previously, Junho had netizens who loved him because of his behavior behind the scenes. He is such a gentleman! Read more below.

2PM’s Junho thrills netizens with his attitude towards Girls’ Generation’s Yoona while filming the movie “King The Land”

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