10 Mind-Blowing Records Newjeans Broke In Their First Year

From MelOn to Spotify and Billboard, NewJeans has dominated every platform.

One cannot capture the sheer breadth of milestones NewJeans has achieved in their first year, but we have attempted to compile a collection of their most notable achievements. Their explosive arrival on the music scene has seen them break records and amass a massive fanbase since the release of their first single, “Attention,” a year ago. Each of these records tells a story of their massive impact and influence in their first year of debut.


1. Fastest K-Pop Act to Reach 1 Billion Spotify Streams

NewJeans has proven that their music transcends borders and resonates with listeners around the world. Their eclectic and addictive tracks quickly earned them 1 billion Spotify streams, the fastest for any K-Pop act. This massive success only proves their broad appeal and the global reach of their music.


2. First Action to Occupy the Top 3 Simultaneously in the History of MelOn 24hits

Charting on MelOn 24hits is a significant milestone in itself, but NewJeans didn’t stop there. They became the first act to dominate the entire Top 3 simultaneously, a testament to their vast influence on the music scene. The success is not only an indication of their success but also their ability to deliver hit after hit.

3. Most Weeks at No.1 on the Circle Digital Chart in History

NewJeans’ catchy single “Ditto” took the world by storm and held its grip on the No.1 spot on the Circle Digital Chart longer than any other song. This record demonstrates their ability to captivate audiences for long periods of time, keeping listeners hooked on their unique sound.

4. Most Days and Most Hours at #1 on MelOn

Further demonstrating the irresistible appeal of “Ditto,” the track not only topped the MelOn charts for the most days but also the most hours among all K-Pop acts. Such long-term chart dominance underscores the enduring popularity of their music.

5. The Longest Charting Song on the MelOn Weekly Chart Top 10 in History

With “Hype Boy,” Newjeans not only broke records but also made history. The song stayed in the MelOn Weekly Chart Top 10 longer than any other song, further cementing the group’s place in K-Pop annals.

6. The 4th Generation Group with the Most Entries on the Billboard Hot 100

International recognition came quickly for NewJeans, with the group charting more songs on the Billboard Hot 100 than any other 4th generation idol group. This remarkable success underscores the widespread acceptance of their music beyond South Korea.


7. The Idol Group With the Most Cumulative Weeks in the MelOn Top 10 in One Year

NewJeans spent more weeks in the MelOn Top 10 than any other idol group in a year. This record speaks volumes about the consistent quality of their releases and their ability to connect with listeners.


8. Most Monthly Listeners for the 4th Generation Group on Spotify

NewJeans broke another Spotify record, boasting the highest number of monthly listeners for a 4th generation group. The universal appeal of their music is evident in the large numbers of people who tune in each month.


9. Highest Peak for a 4th Generation Group Song on the Billboard Global 200

Scaling new heights on the Billboard Global 200, NewJeans reached No. 8, the highest peak for a 4th generation group song. This work demonstrates the international appeal of their music and their growing global footprint.

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10. The 4th Generation Group with the Most “Real Time All-Kills”

Rounding out their impressive year, NewJeans amassed the most Real Time All Kills (RAK) of any 4th Gen group, reaching #1 on all real-time charts like Melon, Bugs, Genie, etc. This record shows the group’s immense popularity and their ability to connect with fans on multiple platforms.

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